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Does the baby need calcium? What is the scientific method of calcium supplement for the baby calcium supplement has always been the most concerned problem of all mothers. They are worried about the baby's low growth, poor sleep and rickets. Indeed, calcium is a very important nutrient for developing children. The importance of calcium to children, I believe we all know it, but calcium supplement is not a casual tonic will have effect, so how on earth baby calcium supplement? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian~

The importance of baby's calcium supplement

Calcium is the 'building material' of human body, and it is the essential mineral nutrient element of human body. We all know that building a house requires reinforced cement, bricks and mud tiles. Similarly, the growth and development of baby can not be separated from calcium. Calcium is the main component of human bones and teeth, and about 99% of calcium also exists in bones.

If the baby is short of calcium, it will suffer from baldness, sweating, crying, poor immunity, growth retardation, repeated allergies, eczema, late teething and irregular teeth. In serious cases, it will suffer from rib valgus, chicken breast, X-shaped leg and O-shaped leg, etc. Calcium for the baby's growth and development of the importance of many mothers also know that only with the right method can we get twice the result with half the effort.

Scientific calcium supplement method for baby

1. Understand the demand for calcium

As we all know, no matter what you do, you need to have a degree. Calcium supplement is no exception. Many mothers think that the more calcium tablets, calcium preparations and bone soup they eat, the better. In fact, they don't. Too much calcium can make the fontanelle close prematurely, and the skull can't fully increase with the development of brain, forming small deformity and limiting the development of brain. Premature calcification and closure of bone will affect the development of bone and naturally limit height. In addition, excessive calcium supplementation of the baby causes long-term hypercalciuria, which increases the chance of stone formation in the urinary system.

According to the regulations of Chinese society of nutrition: infants and young children from birth to 1 year old 400-600mg / day; 1-3 year old 600-800mg / day; 3-6 year old 800-1000mg / day; over 6 years old to young people 1000-1200mg / day. Knowing the daily demand of calcium, we can better supplement calcium according to the actual situation.

2. Fully absorbed, twice the result with half the effort

Vitamin C, vitamin D, protein, CPP (casein phosphopeptide), zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. can let the baby absorb calcium to the maximum extent. Medical research shows that without vitamin AD, less than 10% of calcium in food is absorbed. With vitamin AD, calcium absorption rate can be greatly improved.

At the same time, we should also understand that coke, alcohol, plants rich in phytic acid, tannin, oxalic acid (spinach, leek, etc.) and high salt diet will affect the absorption of calcium.

3. The effect of calcium supplement is significant

Some mothers regard calcium supplement as a task to complete. It's enough to supplement a fixed amount of calcium for their babies every day, so many of them are for their babies at one time. In fact, it has no effect. Mothers may as well divide the calcium they need to eat into 2-3 portions each day and feed them to their babies at different times.

4. Calcium supplement after meals to enhance absorption

Nowadays, many drugs and nutritious products are taken before meals, so as to absorb them well, but calcium supplement is not. After meals, nutrients in food are separated, among which amino acids, vitamin C and lactose can promote calcium absorption.

5. Calcium supplement before sleep, better absorption

When sleeping at night, the gastrointestinal peristalsis is slow, and the food stays in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time, which is conducive to calcium absorption.

6. Take juice together, better effect

Calcium is not medicine. It's not the best to take it with warm water. On the contrary, when taking fruit juice with calcium supplement, vitamin C, citric acid and other substances in fruit juice can promote calcium absorption.

7. Understand the misunderstanding of calcium supplement

We often have a mistake, that is, milk can supplement calcium, so milk and calcium powder can supplement calcium at the same time. In fact, it is not advisable to add calcium powder to milk and feed the baby at one time. Because calcium is added to milk, it is easy to form milk lumps, but affects the absorption of calcium. It is better to take calcium half an hour to an hour after milk.

In addition to taking calcium preparations, it is also important to improve diet and eat more calcium rich foods at ordinary times. Sesame paste, shrimp skin, milk, bean products, cheese and so on are all top-grade calcium supplements.