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Why does show love die fast? Five reasons for soo's quick death

Sometimes we often see that there are all kinds of dog food sprinklers in the circle of friends. After a period of silence, it's cold. It seems to really verify the saying & lsquo; & rsquo; show your love and die fast & lsquo; & rsquo;. Why? Is there any scientific basis? Let's take a look

First, perfectionism is advocated.

Show loving people who die quickly usually want to show 'we've always been sweet' and 'we never quarrel' and are prone to perfectionism. Perfectionism in love is easy to make people tired. I'm tired and can't love. How can I be happy? It's natural for me to be free early.

2、 The more you want to seize happiness, the faster you lose it.

After showing love, love often turns into a magic spell, which tightens your heart. Because you care more about other people's feelings, you are more afraid of losing the 'image of love' displayed. The more you care about love, the more you want to grasp it. You lose the original plain nature, and the true taste of love naturally deteriorates, so it's natural to break up.

3、 Being a public marriage betrays my heart.

Although marriage is the most important individual form of social existence, protected by the state law, fundamentally speaking, marriage is a matter of two people, which is privacy, in which the feelings of others are irrelevant. While show love is easy to expose its private feelings and personal life to the public, making itself the object of comment, so that the privacy originally belonging to the individual is involved by external forces, the inner feelings of self serve the public more, the personal emotions are disturbed, and the existence of 'love' seems to be more 'pleasing' to the public. When this kind of self happiness feels the inner betrayal and is more subject to others, the death of love is not far away.

4、 The blessings of misfortune lie in.

Men's and women's love is essentially nothing, unlike an object, which exists in reality. It can be seen and touched. Love changes with mood or mood, and there are many factors that are affected. First of all, don't say 'men get rich, they get bad'. Even in love or marriage, people's feelings often change, strong or weak, or long or long;.

Show love just for a while, who can know today's love will continue tomorrow? Perhaps after only one night because of a complaint the next day there will be no feeling of love, or clearly in the angry husband and wife, just because of the memories of the original considerate and more show love. We should not show our love blindly and keep a low profile. We will not lose too much face.

5、 It's easy to be envious.

Of course, we all like to see the beautiful result of "having a lover and getting married eventually", but high-profile show of love may lead to lovelorn or the envy and jealousy of single people, and may affect the normal interpersonal relationship. When 'love' is hated and resented, I feel uncomfortable, so the break-up is foreshadowing. In addition, drying money, drying happiness, drying the official's cool and clean & hellip; hellip;, properly 'drying' to make himself unique and popular, but 'drying' is not appropriate, it is easy to isolate himself, and people's common practice is' shooting the first bird '. So is Shawn.