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What's the best time for extra time in 2018 World Cup the most wonderful commentator of the 2018 World Cup was born. At 2:00 a.m. on July 4, Colombia vs. England. In the second half of the overtime match, CCTV commentated that Hong Gang couldn't figure out the time of the overtime match, which caused a storm on the Internet. Come and have a look.

At 2:00 a.m. Beijing time on July 4, the world cup ushered in the last eight finals competition, Colombia against England. In the first half, neither side scored. In the second half, Sanchez dropped Kane in the penalty area and was awarded a penalty by the referee. Kane took the lead in the penalty area. Guard Mina used the header to break the goal and level the score in the stoppage period. After 120 minutes of fierce competition, the score was 1-1, and the game entered a penalty shoot out.

Henderson's penalty was saved by Ospina, England fell into a bad situation, but Uribe's penalty hit the doorframe and popped, while bacca's penalty was saved by Pickford. In the end, England beat Colombia 5-4 to reach the quarter finals, and England's next opponent was Sweden.

The game is very intense. It's not easy for England to beat Colombia. In the past competitions, as long as entering the penalty shootout, England could basically be declared dead. This time it finally broke the spell. Harry Kane has done a great job. So far in the world cup, Kane's penalty was too steady and all four penalties were hit.

As the game entered the final stage of the make-up time, CCTV explained that Hong Gang had made a super low-level mistake. In the 110th minute of the game, he said: 'there are five minutes left in overtime. 'does he think the rule overtime is 115 minutes in total? It's too funny. In the 115th minute, he said: 'it's time for the game but the referee didn't blow it. In the 117th minute, he continued: 'the referee on duty is still giving time. "The 119th minute, he said: 'the referee didn't even blow it. '

It wasn't until the 119th minute that he realized that he had made a mistake. I don't know if someone reminded him. He said: 'I'm sorry, it's been a mess. It's the last minute before the end of the game. 'then he apologized again at the end of the game. Maybe he's just suffering from fever. He doesn't even understand the basic rules.