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What is millet? What are the nutritional components and functions of millet

Millet vegetable, commonly known as red amaranth, is a kind of cereal food with very high nutritional value. Eating more millet vegetable can effectively help us to supplement the nutrition we need, and also help our teenagers to improve their memory problems. Treatment of their own prone to insomnia and dreaminess, for everyone to popularize the efficacy of millet it.


Millet can contain 90% water per 100g 1 g, protein 1.8 g, fat O.3 g, carbohydrate 5.4 g, crude fiber 0.8 g, ash 1.6 g, carotene 1.95 mg, vitamin horse 0.04 mg, vitamin horse 0.16 mg, niacin 1.1 mg, vitamin C28 mg, calcium 180 mg, phosphorus 46 mg, iron 3.4 mg, potassium 577 mg, sodium 23 Mg, magnesium 87.7 mg, chlorine 160 mg.

Millet vegetable is rich in calcium which is easy to be absorbed by human body. It can promote the growth of teeth and bones, maintain normal myocardial activity and prevent muscle spasm (cramp). It is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin K, and has the functions of promoting coagulation, increasing hemoglobin content, improving oxygen carrying capacity and promoting hematopoiesis. Amaranth is still the leading role on the diet table. Regular food can reduce weight and reduce weight, promote detoxification, and prevent constipation.

Clearing away heat and toxic material

It's good for the eyes and the throat. Millet vegetable is sweet and cool in nature, which is longer than clearing away dampness and heat, clearing liver and detoxifying, cooling blood and removing blood stasis. It has certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on dysentery caused by dampness and heat, eye red and eye pain caused by liver fire and throat red and swollen.


Millet is rich in protein and fat. Sugar and many kinds of vitamins and minerals, the protein contained in them can be fully absorbed by the human body more than milk, and the carotene contained in them is more than 2 times higher than that of Solanaceae and fruits, which can provide rich nutrients for the human body, help to strengthen the body and improve the immunity of the body, so it is called "longevity vegetable".

Only knowing the function of millet can bring us more different benefits. Eating more millet can help us to treat the anemia problem that we are prone to. It can also help some of our friends who are often easy to get angry to treat the mouth corner festering problem that we are prone to. The effect is very significant.