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Will the legs of bicycles get thicker? What are the precautions

now more and more people choose to go to work by bike. Xiaobian is puzzled by a question recently. It seems that his legs are getting thicker by cycling. What's the matter? Let's take a look

riding distance and time

Both of them can also cause the legs of cyclists to become thicker, because if the distance and time of cycling are long enough, it will cause fatigue of human body and leg muscles. In the case of leg muscle fatigue, cycling is also a process of doing heavy load exercise for leg muscles, which will also destroy the leg muscle fibers, so that the leg muscles can achieve 'damage repair re growth'.

Cycling is a good aerobic exercise. Generally, cycling is not as intense as athletes. A proper amount of cycling every day will not make you fat. Instead, it will make the fat on your thighs turn into muscle, which looks stronger and more symmetrical.

Speed of riding

When riding a bicycle, for various reasons, such as being in a hurry, you will break through your leg muscles to improve the speed of cycling. In this case, the legs become thicker. Because in this case, leg muscle is not a general exercise, but a high-intensity exercise, it is easier to 'destroy' leg muscle fiber, so that the leg muscle can achieve a process of 'destroy repair re growth'.

The way must be right. When doing cycling exercise, you should pay attention to the correct riding posture.

First of all, adjust the height of bicycle saddle and handle. Adjusting the height of the saddle can avoid the abrasion of the inner side of the thigh root and perineum or subcutaneous tissue tumor like hyperplasia. Adjusting the handle can help you find a good position to avoid pain. When treading on the foot board, the position of the foot must be appropriate and the force must be even. If the position of the foot is not right and the force distribution is not even, the ankle joint and knee joint will suffer from pain.

The stimulation of cycling on the lower leg:

If the calf doesn't feel much after training, it's not easy for the calf to thicken due to stimulation. General people know that it's easy to walk on the crus. Why? Because people walk on the crus mainly through leg pedals and thigh steps, and most people are used to the power of the crus. It's the same with running, but the thigh movement is more important. So walking is the leg pain, and running is the leg pain than the leg pain, it will cover up the leg pain.

What method does prevention ride bicycle crus to become thick have?

With the help of fitness equipment, it can be found that when walking on the treadmill, the main way of exerting force is to step on the thigh. So girls who don't want to get bigger legs can walk on the treadmill.

In water sports, different forms of sports stimulate the calves differently. Freestyle stimulates the calves and thighs more. Breaststroke does not stimulate the calves. Backstroke also has some leg stimulation. These are all about fast swimming. If it is a slow swimming, except for the arm, the stimulation of other parts is very small.