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How does coquetry work for men? What should be paid attention to in coquetry

It's said that it's best to be a coquettish woman, but excessive coquettish. Inappropriate coquettish will not only make boys like it, but also make them feel disgusted with you. Here's a little compilation to teach you how to be a coquettish man. (1) it's not allowed to be a coquettish woman in public. It's the private interest of two people, not afraid of embarrassment; If you are not afraid of flesh and blood, you can flirt with others in full view. Sometimes, men will take women to some public places, such as the annual party, dinner, etc. in these places, people who have business relations with men, such as superiors, business partners, etc. At this moment, what a man needs is a woman with a big face, not a woman who doesn't understand. Try to think that when a man and his boss talk, a woman suddenly comes over and embraces herself and says a word in a coquettish way. I believe that no man will think such coquettish is lovely, but will think it hateful. So, remember that on such occasions, coquetry will only make you feel that you don't understand the general situation. If you want to sow it, you will stay at home and do it again.

(2) be in a bad mood and get bored

Public occasions are not suitable for coquetry, which does not mean that in the two people's world, you can always have a great Caesar, and sometimes you need to know how to look at each other's face. When a person is in a bad mood, his temper will be grumpy. Obviously, it's small things, and they will have great reactions. A common sentence can also cause their anger. If a man does not get enough sleep, is in a bad mood, or is thinking about something important, it is better for a woman to have fun and not disturb him. In fact, although coquetry is one of women's weapons, when it is used inappropriately, even the most skillful coquetry will only cause annoyance and annoy him. (3) Don't be too coquettish

Just as the saying goes, the extremes of things must be reversed. Don't overdo everything. It's absolutely a wise saying to be human and do things. Even if you are coquettish, it's the same. In fact, to flirt with a man is nothing more than to make him attach importance to himself with actions or words. If he has already expressed something, you should accept it as soon as it is good. To know how to get some good intentions, you need to turn back. If you don't know how to stop after getting the sweetness, you need to continue to play coquetry. Once or twice, you can still please men. But if you play coquetry too much and still don't know how to advance or retreat, it will only make men think you are hard to serve, and over time you will not respond. Therefore, the most effective coquetry is to know how to put it in and out freely, so that the coquetry can get the maximum return. (4) Timely weakness

Applicable time: at the beginning of love, whenever you need help.

Use reason: boys like to be heroes. When giving help to girls, boys instantly feel full of heroism. As long as he feels useful in front of you and he feels needed, he will feel proud.

He has helped you and will love you more. Only girls who need boys are attractive.

Tips for use: there are two tips for using the weapon. First, don't give arbitrary advice and blind command, which will diminish his manliness and make him disgusted. Second, be grateful. No matter how little he helps you, we should thank him, praise him and regard him as a hero, so that we can get more affection from boys later.

(5) make him coquettish

Applicable time: when boys encounter setbacks and frustrations.

Reason for use: heroes are tired, and boys are hard. Don't let them bear too much pressure. Boys want someone to love him and take care of him instead of their mother. They all like girls who can make themselves coquettish in front of her. When a boy is frustrated, he needs to be protected by your maternal color.

Tips for use: never laugh at a boy in a dilemma. He needs your approval most at this time. Rely on your warmth to relax himself, and then rebuild confidence. (6) Keep mysterious

Applicable time: the uncertain stage of their relationship.

Reason for use: boys have strong curiosity. Facing girls who are hard to understand her inner thoughts and behavior motives, this mystery is attraction, which attracts them to explore and discover her secrets.

Boys are born with a desire to conquer. The more reserved, inexplicable and unruly you are, the more fascinated you will be. Don't let boys think you are easy to get. There were boys who complained about the obedient girls, 'before I raised my gun, she fell down. 'so no matter how much you call him, you can't be too impatient.

Key to use: keep a certain distance to have aesthetic feeling. Boys in order to finally conquer you accompany you, not only will not feel hard, but will feel endless fun. (7) Give him an elastic space

Applicable time: Although the relationship is stable, it will be tired for a long time.

Reason for use: there is a saying "men need respect, women need attention". The best respect for a boy is to give him a flexible space. He can freely breathe fresh air and show his fists and feet. Boys are reluctant to be "tied up" by love, often asking for directions by phone, filtering out their friends and hobbies and so on & hellip; & hellip; it's like keeping them in a cage. From time to time, boys will feel tired of feelings and want to 'escape'.

Tips for use: smart girls should reduce their desire for control, let them go out to relax, and never treat boys as private property. (8) Secret script of female loser

To bite (a serious bite) - usually used to be criticized. Hold or even pick up from behind - usually for shopping applications. To wriggle about in bed -- usually used to stay in bed. To turn up suddenly in bed and shout 'no!' - usually used when asked to do housework. Squat to the corner and draw a circle -- & hellip; & hellip; you can use it freely. Then, I said I didn't do it. Please feel free.