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England vs Colombia score forecast 2018 World Cup England vs Colombia squad

Colombia vs. England in the final of the 2018 World Cup 8 / 1, a lot of small partners are very interested in Colombia vs. England, so where can Colombia vs. England win?

Recent trend

England -- in the World Cup qualifier, England is the first, with 8-2 unbeaten results in 10 games.

Before this warm-up, England also had a good play, they face Germany and Brazil, two very strong teams have achieved 0-0 results. In addition, England beat Holland 1-0 against the two strongest teams that didn't make it to the world cup, and 1-1 made a handshake with Italy. In the face of weaker Nigeria and Costa Rica, England easily beat their rivals. In addition, in the first round of the world cup, England also beat Tunisia 2-1 with Kane's score, and in the second round against Panama, England beat their opponents 6-1, in a hot state.

According to the knockout schedule, group G will play group H second in the first place and group G second in the first place. As the top of group H is likely to be Japan, it is widely believed that the second place in group G is better than the first. However, English manager Southgate and Belgian manager Martinez both said they would strive to win in the last round, but it is imperative to rotate the squad. It is the third youngest team in the world cup. Due to the inexperience of most players in the competition, it was not considered as one of the craze to win the championship before the opening game. Indeed, in the first match against Tunisia, England beat their opponents 2-1 with a time-lapse goal, which convinced the outside world that the three lions were not far from Waterloo. However, in the second round against Panama, in the first half, England played a huge advantage of 5-0, which was amazing. In the end, they won a 6-1 victory, which convinced the outside world that they had the capital to compete for the championship.

Internal harmony and cohesion are England's greatest strengths. Manager Southgate has been in charge of England U21 for many years. He knows most of the three lions' players and how much they are willing to repay them. And Southgate is used to 352 formation, which is very popular in the Premier League in the past two years. Now all 23 players are from the Premier League club, who can well implement Southgate's tactical thinking. Tottenham striker Harry Kane is the soul of the current three lions. He scored twice in the group's first match and scored a hat trick in the second round. Now the total number of goals exceeds that of Ronaldo, ranking first in the world cup shooting list. It's the Golden Boot fever of this world cup. But given its importance to the team, Southgate said he would not let Kane play more than 60 minutes for the next knockout match against Belgium.

Team characteristics

After the arrival of young manager Southgate, England led the team to a 7-2 unbeaten record in the World Cup qualification, scoring 17 goals and only losing 3 goals. In fact, Southgate began to recruit a number of young players after taking office, such as Harry McGuire, Ruben Loftus cheek and Joe Gomez. They all got the chance to play for the country under Southgate, which made the age structure of the England team more balanced. In the Premier League, many teams began to use the formation of "three centre backs" since 2016 / 17 season, which also inspired Southgate, and changed the regular "four guards" used by England for many years into the formation of "3-4-2-1", so that the team can guarantee the advantage of the number of players in the forbidden area under the protection of one more centre back, and give more space to the players on both wings To participate in the attack, although this formation has not been used in the competition, but I believe that such reform will bring a new look to England.

Although the England team in the World Cup qualifier to 8-2 draw unbeaten record easily promoted to the conference, but because the opponent's strength is generally poor, there is no absolute reference value. However, England's signing is not bad. They will be in group G together with Belgium, Panama and Tunisia in the world cup. Among them, England's matches with Panama and Tunisia must be won with all their strength and points are not allowed to be lost. However, Belgium, the other opponent in the group, is a big challenge for England. It is worth noting that most of Belgium's main players are currently playing in the Premier League, which makes the group match a different kind of "Premier League civil war". The two teams are quite close in terms of their lineup or strength. Therefore, the result of the match may directly affect the smoothness of the English team Li led the group to the knockout. As far as the goal is concerned, England are facing a change of blood in recent years. In the last World Cup, it was humiliating to be out of the group match. Therefore, the basic goal of this world cup is to enter the knockout competition. How far can we go behind? The external pressure on the team is not great. It's hard to say whether there will be any surprises.

Before the game, the situation in group H was a little more complicated. In the first two games, the two teams of Japan and Serbia, who won one game and drew one, both qualified in the last round of draw, while Colombia, who wanted to qualify, had to win. In other words, only one of the two teams of Sego in the final round can qualify. For Japan, the chances of a draw against Poland at the end of the game are great.

Colombia -- in the last 10 games, Colombia's record is only 2-5-3. Since 2018, their record has only been 1-2-1. Before the world cup, they were 0-0 in two warm-up games, respectively in Australia and Egypt, in group match against Japan. They lost 1-2 to their opponents in the case of 10 players. In the second match, Poland and Colombia also adjusted their own quickly State, with a 3-0 seed player Poland kicked back home.