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What are the effects of banana? What should we pay attention to when eating bananas

as we all know, bananas have the function of nourishing food and eliminating stomach, and effectively promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis. Let's see what are the effects and functions of bananas? What should we pay attention to when eating bananas

1. Banana can help the brain to produce a chemical component in the human body - serotonin, which can stimulate the nervous system, give people signals of joy, calmness and drowsiness, and even have analgesic effects. Therefore, banana is also called "happy food". American medical experts have found that regular eating bananas can prevent high blood pressure, because bananas can provide more potassium ions that can reduce blood pressure, which can resist the pressure rise of sodium ions and damage blood vessels. They also believe that if people lack potassium, they will have dizziness, general weakness and arrhythmia. And because banana contains many kinds of nutrients, but the sodium content is low, and does not contain cholesterol, after eating, it can not only provide various nutrients for human body, but also can not make people fat. Therefore, regular consumption of banana is not only beneficial to the brain and prevent nerve fatigue, but also has the effect of moistening the lung and relieving cough and preventing constipation.

2. In the busy life, more and more people are using healthy food or supplements to supplement the unbalanced diet. Banana contains almost all vitamins and minerals, so it is easy to get all kinds of nutrients from banana. Banana contains quite a lot of potassium and magnesium. Potassium can prevent blood pressure rise and muscle spasm, while magnesium can eliminate fatigue.

3. Because of the good digestion and absorption of banana, it can be eaten safely and supplied with balanced nutrition from children to the elderly. Recently, more and more people don't eat breakfast, and the energy source of a day is breakfast, so bananas with immediacy and long-term energy retention become the most suitable food for breakfast. In addition, because bananas are low calorie foods, even people who are losing weight can enjoy eating them without worry. Matters needing attention

Banana is sweet and cold, and has high medicinal value. The main function is to clear the stomach and intestines, treat constipation, and have the effects of clearing heat and moistening the lungs, stopping thirst, filling the essence, detoxifying wine, etc. Because of the cold nature of banana, people with deficiency of spleen and stomach, stomachache and diarrhea should eat less, and those with excessive stomach acid should not eat.

Ingestion of 10 mg 5-hydroxytryptamine per day has no effect on gastrointestinal function, but if ingested too much, it may lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

When measuring indole or catecholamine in urine, do not eat banana.

Banana belongs to tropical fruit, the suitable storage temperature is 11-18 degrees, generally the longest storage time is 13 degrees, can not be stored in the refrigerator.