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Summer vacation where to travel best in July the most suitable tourist attractions

Summer vacation where to travel best in July the most suitable tourist attractions

It's hot in summer, so many little friends want to take advantage of summer vacation to a cool place for summer vacation, which can not only cultivate sentiment, increase insight, but also keep away from the hot weather, so where is the best place to travel in 2018 summer vacation? What is a good place for summer? Let's have a look.

1、 International Spring City Kunming

Kunming is located in the middle of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, south of Dianchi Lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides. It belongs to low latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate. Due to the influence of warm and humid air flow in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, it has long sunshine, short frost period, and annual average temperature of 15 ℃.

It has a mild climate, no hot summer in summer, no severe cold in winter, four seasons like spring and pleasant climate. It is a famous' spring city '. Kunming has Stone Forest World Geopark, Dianchi Lake, World Horticultural Expo Park, Anning hot spring, Jiuxiang, Yangzonghai, jiaozi snow mountain, Yunnan Ethnic Village and other famous scenic spots. With its beautiful natural scenery, splendid historical sites and splendid national customs, Kunming has become one of the top ten tourist hot cities in China and one of the first batch of excellent tourist cities in China.

2、 Agricultural capital of the world -- Heilongjiang reclamation area represented by Hongxinglong new town group

Heilongjiang reclamation area is located in the world-famous Black Soil Zone, Sanjiang Plain, Songnen Plain and the foothills of Xiaoxing'an Mountains. It is located in the continental monsoon climate zone of the middle and cold temperate zone. It is cold, dry and long in winter, humid and short in summer, and the temperature changes greatly in spring and autumn. The annual average temperature is between - 0.9-4 ℃. The mountains and hills in the reclamation area are densely covered with forests, which is known as the 'green bank' of the Great Northern Wilderness.

The unique scenic area of the reclamation area is attracting people's attention. It is located in Dangbi Town of Xingkai Lake, Honghe Wetland Nature Reserve in the hinterland of Sanjiang Plain, rangtong reservoir at the foot of Wanda mountain, Kerka mountain in Shengli farm, Jingbo lake and Dalian Lake & gt near Ning'an farm; Wudalianchi, with beautiful scenery and various kinds of wild animals and plants, is a good place for tourism, recuperation, scientific research and summer vacation.

3、 The summer resort city -- Guiyang City

As the old saying goes: 'the north of the mountain is Yin and the south of the mountain is Yang'. Guiyang gets its name because the city is located in the south of Guishan mountain. As a typical area of karst landform development, Guiyang has karst natural landscape and human tourism resources characterized by 'strange mountains, beautiful waters, beautiful rocks and different caves'.

There are not only the natural scenery of the plateau characterized by mountains, water, forests and caves, such as Hongfeng Lake and Kaiyang Canyon Ecological Park, but also the cultural landscape with rich cultural connotation, such as Yangmingdong, Qingyan ancient town and Xifeng concentration camp site, as well as the simple, rich and colorful ethnic customs. In addition, the hottest July in Guiyang has an average temperature of 24 ℃, which is suitable for popularity without hot summer and cold winter Wait, more for Forest City Guiyang added infinite charm.

Four. Cradle of life -- Lijiang City

Lijiang is located in the cultural intersection of Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet and the great triangle. It is the only place where the ancient "Southern Silk Road" and "ancient tea horse road" must pass by. There are many cultures coexisting and many ethnic groups live in harmony. The climate belongs to the South Asian monsoon climate, with distinct dry and wet seasons. The annual average temperature is between 12.6-19.8 ℃, and there is no big change of cold and summer heat, forming the feature of no summer in Changchun.

Due to the prominent three-dimensional landform, which combines the features of Hengduanshan landform and Northwest Yunnan Plateau, the three-dimensional landform creates a three-dimensional climate and breeds a rich and colorful natural landscape. Beautiful natural scenery, long history and culture and rich and colorful national customs form Lijiang's unique natural landscape and tourism resources, attracting many Chinese and foreign tourists to visit here.

5、 Liupanshui, the secret place of Liangdu

Liupanshui city is located in the west of Guizhou Province, at the junction of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, close to the world-famous Huangguoshu waterfall. The climate in the territory is subtropical monsoon humid climate zone, with annual average temperature of 13-14 ℃, no hot summer, no severe cold in winter, sufficient sunshine and rainfall.

There are Yelang ancient country's remains, the only ecological folk custom Changjiaomiao Museum in Asia, the unique mountain scenery of Beipanjiang gorge, the national key cultural relic Dadong Paleolithic site which records the origin, evolution and environmental evolution of human beings, and Danxia Mountain which is famous for half of the Scriptures; The karst scenery recorded in Xu Xiake's travels is a beautiful and rich city, known as the "Pearl of the plateau".

6、 Xining, the summer capital of Kunlun

Xining City, which is like a boat, is located in the upper reaches of Huangshui, a tributary of the Yellow River. It has a semi-arid climate of the continental plateau. There is no severe cold in winter, no intense heat in summer, and the average temperature in summer is 17-19 ℃, which is cool and pleasant. There are rich natural and cultural landscapes, and it is a tourist attraction with the combination of nature and culture.

It has a long history of religious culture, a unique stone culture in the source of rivers and rivers, a fascinating natural forest park, a combination of snow mountain, canyon, Danxia landform, Qifeng and grassland. It is a natural summer resort. Xining has gradually been accepted by tourists at home and abroad, and has become the real summer capital of China.

7、 Zisaihuangyuan -- Chengde City

Chengde is located in the mountainous area of northern Hebei, with Zhangjiakou in the west, Liaoning in the East, Inner Mongolia in the north, Qinhuangdao and Tangshan in the south. It is known as the "Pearl of Zisai". Located in the transition zone between Inner Mongolia Plateau and North China Plain, it is a temperate continental monsoon mountain climate with four distinct seasons, cool summer, concentrated rainfall and basically no hot period.

Chengde has unique tourism resources and unique style. It has the world's largest royal garden -- summer resort, waibamiao, Jinshanling Great Wall, Mulan paddock, Wuling Mountain and other famous scenic spots. It has rich historical and cultural connotations, beautiful mountains and rivers, and has been a summer resort for emperors of all ages since ancient times. These unique cultural landscapes and beautiful natural landscapes make Chengde a famous royal style tourism belt in northern Beijing.

8、 Yunshui Xianyuan -- Yuxi City

Yuxi is dominated by spring and autumn climate, with an annual average temperature of 17.4 ℃ - 23.8 ℃. It belongs to the monsoon climate of the humid and cold winter plateau in the middle subtropical zone. Its three-dimensional climate features are very obvious. There are not only four seasons like spring in the mountain plain, but also Valley known as the 'natural greenhouse'.

The whole area is located in the western edge of the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, with high terrain in the northwest and low terrain in the southeast, complex terrain and staggered distribution of mountains, valleys, plateaus and basins. In addition to Fuxian Lake, known as "the Pearl of the plateau", Yuxi's scenic spots include Xingyun Lake, Qilu Lake, Yangzong sea, Tonghai Xiushan, Jiulong & gt; Jiulong & gt; Jiulong & gt; Jiulongchi, Nie'Er's former residence, Huaning Xiangbi mountain hot spring, Chengjiang Maotian Mountain National Geopark, Jiangchuan Lijiashan bronze Museum, etc., have formed a scenic spot with "three lakes, one mountain, one city and one spring" as the main part, integrating scientific research, archaeology, tourism, recuperation and vacation.

9、 The Holy Land in summer -- Harbin

Harbin is located in the east of Songnen Plain and on the right bank of Songhua River. The climate is a continental monsoon climate in the middle temperate zone. The average temperature in July in summer is about 23 ℃, which is the most comfortable temperature for human body.

The special historical process and geographical location have created Harbin, a beautiful city with an exotic atmosphere. It not only gathers the history and culture of the northern minorities, but also integrates Chinese and foreign cultures. It is a famous historical and cultural city and tourist city in China. Harbin is known as the "ice city and summer capital", as well as the "little Paris in the East" and "Moscow in the East". In summer here, Fresh and pleasant, simple folk customs, is the ideal choice for leisure vacation.

10、 Qingdao

Qingdao is surrounded by the sea on three sides, green mountains, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and unique natural environment, making it a rare summer resort. Qingdao has four distinct seasons, not cold in winter and not hot in summer. The marine climate makes Qingdao cool in summer. Compared with other cities at the same time, the temperature is as low as 2-9 degrees, and the life is leisurely and serene. The hilly terrain and the natural scenery of German buildings all over the south of Qingdao make the seaside of Qingdao more meandering and more suitable for human habitation.

The beautiful coastal scenery, the ups and downs of the sea fairy Mountain -- Laoshan, the city landscape of red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky, the multi-national buildings with typical European style, and the cultural landscape of modern history, make Qingdao, a city with the combination of Chinese and western, the integration of mountains, sea and city, become the most beautiful coastal scenic belt and a famous leisure destination at home and abroad.