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How to prevent anemia in weight loss

Anemia is becoming more and more common in our lives, with an average of one in five people suffering from anemia. There are many reasons for anemia. Many women lose weight to maintain their figure. If they go on a diet for a long time, anemia will appear. What about anemia when they lose weight? How to prevent anemia?

How to deal with anemia when losing weight

Due to the visit of 'aunt', the demand for iron of women is nearly twice as much as that of men. Most of women are iron deficiency anemia. When it comes to iron supplement, we are expected to have many tricks, such as eating dates. Many women eat jujube every day, and some even drink it as water in tea, but in fact, the iron contained in all plant foods is difficult to be directly absorbed by the human body. The same is true of dates, which women often eat. In fact, you only add heat into the iron, even if there is iron, it is only a little. How to do it? Here are 4 points to help you:

1. Do blood routine: if your anemia symptoms are very serious, we suggest that you believe in science, first to the hospital test, do a blood routine. For your own situation, the doctor will prescribe some iron supplements for you to eat. I believe that a doctor's major is more practical than your fumble. If your anemia is not so serious, I'll just share with you the plan of iron supplement. So that you can get rid of the suffering of iron deficiency anemia as soon as possible.

2. Eat animal blood: like human beings, animals need blood, so there are many iron containing blood in their internal organs and blood. The internal structure of the animal body is similar to that of the human body, and its natural absorption is better than that of the plant type. So in our daily life, it is necessary to eat animals for iron supplement, such as pork, mutton, beef, etc. Those girls who don't eat meat to lose weight are short of iron in their bodies. As time goes on, they will be anaemic. Therefore, during the weight-loss period, girls can eat duck blood, pork, beef blood, chicken blood, and sheep blood. Such animal blood contains very low calories and fat, but its iron content is very high. To lose weight and eat these, we are not afraid of gaining weight, but also can meet the needs of iron in the body.

3. Eat seafood: some girls prefer seafood, but they are afraid of high calorie seafood. In fact, seafood such as abalone, scallop, clam and so on are not high in calories, and their fats are unsaturated fatty acids. The seafood loving sister can temporarily abandon the lobster and crabs, choose the low calorie seafood, and also can achieve the effect of iron supplement.

4. Do not eat fat: in our daily life, there are a lot of lean meat such as pork and mutton. You can choose to eat red lean meat instead of fat meat. There is no iron in the fat meat. Even if you eat it, it's just fat. In addition to the above several tricks, the common eggs in life, animal viscera are "iron menders", but their fat content should be more, and the girls who lose weight should not eat more. Only a girl who is not anaemic can have a good face, so even if you want to lose weight, you should pay more attention to iron supplement.

What are the symptoms of anemia

1. Cardiovascular system performance: palpitation and shortness of breath after physical activity are the most common symptoms. When anemia is serious or heart failure occurs, palpitation and shortness of breath will occur even at rest. Angina can occur in patients with coronary artery disease. Some patients usually have no angina, but because of anemia and aggravation of myocardial ischemia, angina can occur.

2. Nervous system performance: when anemia is serious, nervous system symptoms are also common, especially in elderly patients. Common symptoms include dizziness, headache, tinnitus, drowsiness of eyes, difficulty in concentration, slow response, numbness of hands and feet, coldness or needling. Severe anemia may lead to fainting. If anemia occurs rapidly, the patient is often restless.

3. Digestive system performance: anorexia is one of the most common symptoms. Abdominal distention, discomfort of the stomach, nausea and constipation may also occur. Sometimes there is a sore tongue and smooth tongue coating. Anemia is serious, the liver may have mild swelling, especially when heart failure occurs, and often has tenderness.

4. Reproductive system performance: female patients often have irregular menstruation, amenorrhea is the most common. Anemia is often caused by menorrhagia, but occasionally anemia can also cause menorrhagia. Severe anemia patients often have hyposexual desire.

5. Urinary system performance: a small amount of protein may appear in the urine of patients with severe anemia, and the urine concentration function is slightly reduced, but in addition to the original kidney disease, it generally will not cause the increase of blood urea nitrogen. In case of acute intravascular hemolysis, the urine color may be black tea or soy sauce like (hemoglobinuria). If there is circulatory failure at the same time, oliguria, anuria and acute renal failure may occur.

How to prevent anemia

1. In order to ensure the supply of nutrition, it is necessary to make the diet regular (three meals a day are indispensable) and standardized (nutrition matching should not be forgotten). Rice or noodles for main food, fish, meat, eggs, tofu, vegetables for non-staple food, etc. must be necessary for each meal.

2. Hemoglobin is a combination of iron and globulin. In order to increase hemoglobin, iron deficiency anemia patients have to fully take protein food. For example, fried eggs with leek, not only iron intake is high, but also protein intake is easy.

3. The content of iron and protein in animal liver is very high, and it is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can be considered as a good medicine for anemia. But some people can't accept the smell of the liver. They often squeeze out all the blood in the liver and wash it repeatedly, which is not advisable. It is the blood of the liver that contains more nutrients. In order to reduce the smell, it can be cooked with onion, ginger and garlic.

4. Vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron. The foods rich in vitamin C are mainly raw vegetables and citrus fruits. Appropriate intake can accelerate the recovery of anemia.

5. Iron supplement is one of the important links. Iron rich foods include lean meat, liver, loach, oyster, egg yolk, soybean, etc. green vegetables also contain more iron. However, iron in plants is difficult to absorb, so it is wise to eat animal food.