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What are the benefits of eating meat for pregnant women? What should pregnant women pay attention to

there are more things that pregnant women should pay attention to once they are upgraded, such as what do pregnant women eat? What is the most nutritious food for pregnant women? What should pregnant women pay attention to in their diet? Let's take a look

What kind of meat do pregnant women eat?

Chicken is richer in protein and better in quality than beef and pork. Chicken with a lower fat content is good for both the mother and the fetus.

Omega-3 fatty acids rich in oily fish can prolong pregnancy and prevent premature delivery. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids are also the elements of fetal neural membrane. HDA in fish is beneficial to the development of nerves in brain and the development of fetal vision.

Beef is rich in iron and zinc, which can promote the development of fetal nervous system and immune system, as well as the healthy development of fetal skin, bone and hair.

Mutton is more delicate than pork, and less fat and cholesterol than pork and beef. But mutton to pay attention to the way to eat, must be washed thoroughly after eating.

What meat can't pregnant women eat?

Donkey meat is easy to make pregnant women dystocia; rabbit meat is easy to damage vital energy and cool blood; sparrow meat is easy to move fetal Qi; animal liver may cause fetal congenital diseases.

What should pregnant women pay attention to when they eat meat?

Meat is not the only source of nutrition for pregnant women. Milk and eggs are also rich in nutrition. Each person needs 44-45g of animal protein on average every day. Therefore, pregnant women should only eat meat once a day, and the amount of meat should be kept around 200g.

There are 7.9g in 100g pig lean meat, which is much more than rabbit meat, horse meat and beef. If pregnant women take pig lean meat as the main food, it may lead to cardiovascular diseases such as hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. In addition, when eating pork, it's best to eat it with beans, because lecithin in bean products has the function of emulsifying plasma, which can prevent the formation of sclerotic plaque.

Although the cured and smoked meat is delicious, the fuel such as coal, gasoline, diesel oil and fat in the meat will produce carcinogens due to insufficient combustion, which is not good for pregnant women and fetuses. In addition, frozen meat will lose part of nutrition in the process of thawing, which will also affect the taste of meat. It can be carried out according to the principle of "quick freezing, slow thawing".