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How does pregnant woman blow air conditioning cold to do? Is the air conditioning cold for pregnant

the hot weather is not good for human health, especially for pregnant women. It's very hot, so what about the cold during the air conditioning period? Does cold of pregnant woman belong to wind cold or wind heat? Let's see what happens when pregnant women blow air conditioner and catch cold

Pregnant women who blow air conditioners or electric fans directly to the air are particularly susceptible to hot colds. Generally, they will sneeze, shed tears, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat and have a little headache. Seriously affect their daily life, so how do pregnant women blow air conditioning cold? Let's understand.

Method 1: pregnant women should take more food rich in vitamin C after a cold, supplement a large amount of water to expel the virus from the body, plus adequate sleep, is a good way to deal with the cold. Eat more minerals, vitamins, high-quality protein content of food, enjoy adequate sleep, etc., can enhance the resistance. Therefore, adequate nutrition and sleep are the shortcut to the treatment of cold.

Method 2: if the fever is less than 37.4 ℃, the slight cold can be cured without drugs by bathing. Fever is more than 37.5 ℃, the body is extremely untimely, and complications such as pneumonia must be carefully prevented. It is better not to take a bath, mainly relying on quiet and sufficient sleep to treat.

Method 3: if the fire is really severe, you can follow the doctor's advice and choose some Chinese herbal medicines with less side effects. The Radix Isatidis, Folium Isatidis, forsythia, Rhizoma Notopterygii and honeysuckle, which have the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying and antiviral, have good curative effect. Chinese patent medicines and their preparations, such as Yinqiao Jiedu pills, tablets, granules, compound Daqingye injection, Yinhuang Oral Liquid, etc., can be taken.

In a word, although it is necessary to know that it is necessary for pregnant women to blow the air conditioner cold, the most important thing is to prevent it. On weekdays, the room should be kept ventilated as much as possible and should not face the air vent of the air conditioner.

Is the air conditioning cold for pregnant women wind cold or wind heat

What should pregnant women do when they have a cold from air conditioning? In order to make it convenient to prescribe the right medicine, many people do not understand whether the cold from air conditioning belongs to wind cold or wind heat cold. So what kind of cold does air conditioning cold belong to for pregnant women? It also needs to be analyzed according to different symptoms.

But generally speaking, the cold caused by blowing air conditioner is mostly wind cold.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that cold can be divided into wind cold and wind heat cold. The etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, treatment principles and medication of the two kinds of cold are quite different. The difference between the two is:

Wind chill and cold: the cause is usually tiredness, bad rest, plus wind blowing or cold. Cold usually occurs more in autumn and winter. Symptoms of cold and wind: the back of the head aches, and the neck turns inflexible; afraid of cold and wind, you usually need to wear a lot of clothes or cover a big quilt to feel comfortable; the snot is clear, white or slightly yellow. If the nose is not runny, drink some hot boiled water and start to run clear, it is also a cold cold; the tongue has no moss or thin white moss.

Wind heat cold: the cause is usually constipation, most of which belong to yangmingjing disease. Symptoms of wind heat and cold: sore throat, usually before the symptoms of cold, with yellow or black sputum; thick snot, usually yellow; tongue coating with yellow, may also be white, tongue body is usually red.

Therefore, if the pregnant woman blows the air conditioner and has a cold, we should judge it according to the symptoms first. If the cold is serious, we should go to the hospital in time!