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What are the foods for sunscreen in summer

Four seas net: summer arrived, the weather of July sun is poisonous. Pedestrians on the road have to avoid the sun to protect themselves from the sun. How to protect against sun in summer has become a problem for both men and women. So what food do you eat in summer to protect yourself from sun? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What food do you eat in summer to protect yourself from sun

Sunscreen food


Lycopene, the antioxidant in tomatoes, has many sunscreen effects. In addition to fresh tomatoes, eating ketchup can also significantly reduce the risk of skin sunburn.

Studies have shown that an average of 16 mg of lycopene a day can reduce the risk of sunburn by 40%.


The highest content of carotene is 30-100 times that of ordinary fruits and vegetables. It has antioxidant effect, helps to reduce skin wrinkles and make skin more delicate.


Soybean is rich in vitamin E, which can effectively inhibit skin aging and prevent melanin precipitation. Soybean isoflavone is a kind of phytoestrogen, which can delay the aging of female cells and keep the skin elastic.

Because soybean milk and tofu can play a role in sun protection, so when I'm on a business trip, my sister often eats some bean products.


Nuts are also high in vitamin E, which helps eliminate free radicals and antioxidants, and effectively blocks ultraviolet light.

Nuts can not only satisfy the appetite, but also play a role in sunscreen.

Green Tea

Green tea contains tea polyphenols, which has antioxidant effect. Drinking more green tea can reduce damaged skin by one third, and achieve the purpose of sun protection. In addition, drinking green tea often can resist radiation, whiten and keep skin delicate.

Fruit rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C has the name of "beauty saint". It is one of the most important antioxidants. Eating more of this kind of fruit can not only prevent skin from sunburn, but also promote metabolism, whiten and fade spots.

Kiwifruit, lemon, grape and other fruits are rich in vitamin C. eating more can also protect against sun.