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Can apple and peach juice together

Sihaiwang: apple is called "general practitioner" by scientists. It has a mild taste and is the most perfect fruit among all fruits and vegetables. Many people like to drink apple juice, so can apple and peach juice together?

Can apple and peach juice together

Can eat together, peach and apple together put two days, will become very soft.

Apple, the most common fruit, belongs to Rosaceae, deciduous trees, oval leaves, serrated. Its fruit is spherical, sweet, crisp and rich in nutrition, which is the top four fruits in the world. Apples are usually red, but they also have yellow and green. Apple is a kind of low calorie food, producing only 60 kilocalories per 100 grams. Apple nutrition is soluble and easy to be absorbed by human body, so it is called "living water". It is good for dissolving sulfur element and making skin smooth and tender.

Peach fruit is rich in nutrition. It contains not only sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose, but also many minerals, vitamins and organic acids, especially iron. It is an ideal therapeutic fruit for iron deficiency anemia patients. In addition, peach fruit contains more potassium and less sodium, which is suitable for patients with edema. Peach in hot summer can nourish yin, promote body fluid, moisten intestines, and nourish the body. People eat Preserved Peaches, which are good for color and health. It can collect sweat and stop bleeding. It can cure deficiency sweat, night sweat, hemoptysis and so on.

The effect and function of apple

1. Reduce cholesterol

Keep blood sugar stable, but also effectively reduce cholesterol.

2. Cancer prevention and anti-cancer

Reduce the risk of lung cancer, prevent lead poisoning, procyanidins can prevent colon cancer.

3. Blood vessel cleaning agent

Improve respiratory system and lung function, protect lung from pollution and smoke.

4. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis

Assist the human body to discharge wastes smoothly and reduce the harm of harmful substances to the skin.

5. Maintain acid-base balance

Apple is an alkaline food. Eating apple can quickly neutralize the excessive acid substances in the body (including the acid produced by sports (sports food) and the acid metabolites produced by fish, meat, eggs and other acid foods in the body), enhance physical strength and disease resistance.

6. lose weight

Apple will increase the sense of fullness, eat before meals can reduce the amount of food, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.