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Report of Croatia 4-3 Denmark in the 1 / 8 final of the world cup on July 2, 2018

On July 2, Beijing time, Croatia played Denmark in the 1 / 8 final of Russia's World Cup. In the first half, m-jorgensen scored the opening goal in 57 seconds, and manjukiki quickly equalised the score, and Schumacher put on wonderful saves for many times; in the second half, both sides had no achievements, and the two sides reached a 1-1 draw in the regular time. In the post overtime period, leibichi made a point, and Modric's penalty was dissolved by Schumacher. In the penalty shoot out, subazzi made three attacks, and Croatia beat Denmark 4-3 in total score to reach the top 8.

Croatia has made great progress in the group match, winning all three games in group D, known as the death group, and returning to the knockout stage of the world cup after 20 years as the group leader. The grid team sitting in the world-class middle and front field also played well in the defense end, only losing one goal in three games. Denmark team match in three games 1 win 2 draw 5 points, as the second group C identity into the top 16. Whether Croatia can replicate the black horse miracle of 1998 and whether Denmark's iron walled defense can stand the test is worth looking forward to. In terms of the squad, Croatia sent all the main players to play, with Modric leading the midfield and manjuki ahead of the attack; in Denmark, Eriksson led the starting line-up.

At the beginning of the game, it was only 57 seconds. Knudsen threw a wide-ranging ball into the forbidden area. After that, Jorgensen stabbed and shot in the chaos of the game. Subasic's vision was disturbed and he was not fully prepared. The ball rolled into the net from his armpit! Denmark 1-0 Croatia! This goal is also the fastest goal of the world cup!

The fourth minute, Croatia quickly equalised the score, leibiqi right straight cross the restricted area, Rakitic swept to the middle, when the other side guard broke out, kicked his teammates to the goal direction, manjujiqi turned around and shot, the ball hit the net! 1-1!

In the 11th minute, leibici was placed near the forbidden area line, Croatia got a good set piece opportunity, and pericici's left foot shot was blocked out of the baseline by the human wall. The 14th minute, Modric right 45 degrees cross by Christensen header. In the 19th minute, Modric's long pass moved to the left, and pelissic's inner cut was blocked by Poulsen. Then manjujic fell to the ground in the penalty area, the referee did not say anything.

In the 22nd minute, Eriksson's shot at the top of the penalty area was blocked out by the defender.

In the 28th minute, Croatia launched an attack in the front field, and a cold arrow from outside of lakitic was thrown out by Schumacher. Then, manjukic took his teammate's baseline knock back and hit the door with two feet in a row.

The 34th minute, Eriksson received Cornelius head ferry, left foot volley off the right baseline. The 38th minute, Modric left set piece to open to the restricted area, lovren in the middle of the header slightly out of the door.

In the 41st minute, Eriksson reached the door on his right side, and the ball seemed to pass like a shot in which the doorframe popped out of the bottom line.

In the 44th minute, pelissic's left low level ball crossed the forbidden area, while lakitic's left foot pushed and shot, and Schumacher firmly confiscated the ball.

At the end of half-time, Croatia drew 1-1 with Denmark.

In the 50th minute of Yi Bian's fight, Knudsen took off the ball on the left side and passed it, while Su basilic took it off steadily. In the 55th minute, bolsen pushed forward with the ball on the right side at a high speed, then swept the ball to the forbidden area. Vida was not far away. Brethwaite followed up the volley and failed to kick the right part.

In the 64th minute, Modric's left corner opened forward and was cleared by the defender's header. Then, leibich's left 45 degree cross, Schumacher single shot the ball out of the forbidden area. In the 71st minute, n-jorgensen received his teammate's cross right foot low shot and was firmly confiscated by Subasic.

The 76th minute, leibiqi right cross was blocked, and then leibiqi again counter attack into the restricted area inverted triangle back, the defensive team not far from the perimeter of Modric low shot out of the left baseline. One minute later, Modric's long-range shot in the counterattack was confiscated by Schumacher.

In the 84th minute, pivalic made a left-wing cross. The ball was slightly higher than the crossbeam after pelisic's header was scratched in front of him. In the 86th minute, leibiqi smashed the ball continuously on the right side and knocked the defender across the middle. M-jorgensen was not far away. Pivalic shot hard from the outside and the ball flew out of the baseline under the interference of Danish players.

In the first minute of injury stoppage, lakitic suddenly shot from a long distance, and the ball slightly deviated from the left post.

At the end of the regular time, the two sides drew 1-1, and the game entered the extra time stage.

In the 94th minute, Knudsen got rid of Leipzig's defense, and the left baseline was blocked by the defender. In the 98th minute, Shuan volleyed with his right foot after catching kovasic on the right side of the front court, and the ball slightly deviated from the left baseline.

The 103rd minute, Modric middle long pass to the restricted area, leibichi face two people under the bottom of the bag to pass in front of the door, Schumacher single handed the ball out of the beam. In the 106th minute, kovasic's left internal cutting and drawing was blocked. One minute, the left side of the cisto penalty area circle shot far away.

In the 112th minute, Knudsen threw the ball into the forbidden area. The Danish players rubbed the ball in front of him and then n-jorgensen hit the ball from a small angle. The 113th minute, Modric sent a straight cross in the middle circle, leibichi single knife into the forbidden area, after swinging the goalkeeper, m Jorgensen was behind the fall, the referee decisively pointed to the penalty spot!

Modric's penalty was directly saved by Schumacher.

At the end of overtime, the score of both sides is still 1-1, and the game enters the penalty shoot out.

In the first round, Eriksson was the first to take the lead in the penalty, the ball he shot was pounced by subazzi and hit the left post to pop up; Badri shot in the middle was saved by Schumacher, Croatia 1-1 Denmark.

In the second round, Kyle and karamaric took the shots, Croatia 2-2 Denmark.

In the third round, clondley shot to the lower left corner of the goal; Modric also took the lead, Croatia 3-3 Denmark.

In the fourth round, Suarez saved a penalty from Schumacher, and pivalic's shot was again defused by Schumacher.

In the fifth round, subazzi blocked Jorgensen's shot with his foot, while lakitic made a penalty, Croatia 4-3 Denmark.

Croatia beat Denmark 4-3

Croatia's starting line-up: 23-subassic; 2-fusarico, 21-vida, 6-lovren, 3-strinici (81 & rsquo; 22-pivalic); 7-rakitic, 10-modric, 11 brozzovic (71 & rsquo; 8-kovasic), 4-pericic (97 & rsquo; 9-cramaric), 18 Rebic; 17 manjukic (108 & rsquo; 19-badli)

Substitutes not available: 1-livakovic, 5-jorluka, 12-l-kalinic, 13-yerdevai, 14-bladaric, 15-kaleta-sal, 16-kalinic, 20 Piazza

Denmark: 1-schumacher Jr., 4-kyle, 5-knudsen, 6-christensen (46 & rsquo; 19-lars-shuen), 13-m-jorgensen, 14-dalsgarde, 8-delaney (98 & rsquo; 2-clondley), 10 Eriksen, 11 brethwaite (106 & rsquo; 23-sisto), 20-jan-polsen, 21-cornelius (66 & rsquo; 9-n-jorgensen)

Substitutes not available: 3-westergo, 7-william Quist, 12 dolberry, 15 Fisher, 16 Rosser, 17 stringer, 18 lelag, 22 junov