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How to cool down the wind heat cold

Four seas network: the summer weather is sultry, people like to blow air conditioner to cool down, which leads to too big temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, thus causing wind heat cold, which is generally manifested as fever, fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc. How does wind heat cold cool down physically? How can wind heat cold cool down quickly?

How to cool down the wind heat and cold

Drinking warm boiled water

To cope with fever, the most effective physical cooling method is to drink water, with a certain temperature of warm water is the most appropriate. First, drink water to replenish body fluids. When the body is full of water, it has a certain effect on cooling. The second is to promote sweating, which can help the body to expel heat.

Towel on forehead

Towel application forehead is also the use of water evaporation cooling method, why not use cold water is mainly afraid of head irritation caused by discomfort. Similarly, it can also use alcohol to wipe the forehead and evaporate heat. If the head is relatively fresh, people will be more energetic.

Wipe your body with warm water

Use some warm water every time, soak and wring with a towel in warm water, and wipe the body, forehead and other parts. Because water evaporation is an endothermic process, it has cooling effect.

Cold applied forehead

Cold compress on the head, in fact, the head cooling has little effect on the body cooling, mainly to make people feel more awake and relieve discomfort, so the key is to drink more water.

Put cold water in a cold pack and apply it to your forehead. If it's uncomfortable because the water is too cold, put a towel on your forehead to put an ice bag in case it's too cold.

How can the wind heat and cold get better quickly

It's better to drink more hot water

Pour a glass of boiling water and take a deep breath of it several times until it is cool. Adhere to several times a day, and drink more boiled water, pay attention to more rest, try to avoid the wind, not affected by the temperature. You can also drink hot water while breathing hot gas, so you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Proper exercise is fast

Patients with wind heat and cold can sweat through proper exercise, and excrete toxins from the body through sweat, so as to strengthen the constitution, resist the invasion of cold and prevent cold.

Wash cold face quickly

Washing face with cold water before cold can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and improve the immune ability of the body. Usually do not eat stimulating food, pay more attention to rest, will recover well. If you already have a cold, or do not wash your face with cold water, the water for washing your face can be slightly cold, the temperature acceptable to the human body is the best, not too hot can also be cold water, so as not to aggravate the cold.

Enough rest for wind heat and cold

Any cold, whether it is cold or hot, must rest in time, which is the key to reduce the illness and recover the body as soon as possible. When the human body is resting, the operation of various organs and systems will be relatively slow down. The brain nervous system can also command the immune system to fight against the virus.

How to eat fruit with wind heat and cold


Also known as green fruit. It has the functions of clearing the lung, clearing the throat and resolving phlegm, and is especially suitable for those with wind heat and cold combined with sore throat. The folk custom uses olive 2 ~ 5, splits, the fresh radish (red skin, white skin may) half to 1 cuts, boils the water to replace the tea drink.


It is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It can produce body fluid, clear away heat, dissipate phlegm. It is suitable for wind heat, cold, fever, thirst, cough and yellow phlegm. You can eat it at will. People are used to coughing for wind heat, cold, and 1 raw pear, washed and chopped skin, stewed with ice sugar.


Carambola contains a lot of carbohydrates and vitamins. Regular eating can supplement the body's nutrition and enhance the body's disease resistance. Carambola contains fiber and acid element, which can relieve visceral heat accumulation, clear dryness, moisten intestines and relieve constipation. It is the most suitable heat clearing fruit for those with lung and stomach heat.

mandarin orange

Liu Ding nourishes the flesh and strengthens the stomach. The peel of the fruit dissolves phlegm and stops coughing. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach. The seed has the effect of detumescence and pain relief. It can effectively treat cold. The patients with fever and sore throat can eat more Liuding, supplement vitamin C and relieve discomfort, while the patients with chilly cold can not eat Liuding for the time being.