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World Cup surprise reversal Belgium's 3-2 victory over Japan

at 2:00 a.m. on July 3, Beijing time, the fierce battle of the 1 / 8 finals of the world cup continued, and the Belgian team met the Asian only Japanese team. In the first half of the game, Belgium completely controlled the initiative of the game, but it was still unable to knock on the goal of the Japanese team. In the second half, Yi Bian fought again. In the 48th minute, chaizaki made a direct pass and Qian Guishi made a leak. He was able to calmly push and shoot the far corner in front of kurtuva! Japan takes the lead 1-0, 52 minutes, Qian Guishi throws a cold arrow outside the forbidden area, and hits a dead corner of the world wave! Japan scores two goals in four minutes, 2-0 ahead of Belgium, but in 69 minutes, wittongheng's header is dropped to break the goal, 74 minutes, ferreney's header is broken, Belgium chases two goals in five minutes, and chases the score to 2-2. At the last moment of time, Belgium strikes back, Chad Belgium beat Japan 3-2 to reach the top 8 of the world cup!

After winning the match, Belgium will make it to the top 8 of the world cup for the third time in history. Their opponents in the quarter finals will be Brazil, while the Asian only child Japan will be eliminated and will not make it to the top 8 of the world cup for the first time in history.

Belgium is in a very good condition in this world cup. After winning 3 consecutive group games, they ranked the first in group G to be promoted to the top 16. In the three group games, they scored 9 goals. They are the most aggressive team in all teams. On the contrary, their opponent Japan, although they beat Colombia in the first group game, took the lead in the last game. In order to be promoted to the top 16, Japan took the lead Passive tactics, the last 10 minutes of crazy passing consumed time, and finally made it to the top 16 with the help of fair competition points. However, from the record of confrontation, Japan was not afraid of Belgium. The two teams had fought five times before, and Belgium's record was 1-2-2, 2-2, scoring five goals and losing nine goals.

With the whistle of the Senegalese referee diediu, at the beginning of the first half of the match, Belgium took the lead in the kick-off. At the beginning of the match, only 56 seconds later, Masai Kawakawa tried to shoot a long-range shot outside the forbidden area, but missed the goal. After that, the two sides started a fierce competition in the midfield. The Japanese team's positive winning caused pressure to Belgium, but did not create a good scoring machine Meeting.

In the first ten minutes of the first half, the two sides started a fierce competition in the midfield, at the same time, they slowly tested the opponent's defense. In the 13th minute, the Japanese team broke the ball in the midfield, but Belgium immediately fought back and successfully organized a counterattack. Kalasco was tackled by the opponent in the forbidden area, and he didn't get a chance to play. In the 15th minute, vitsell shot a cold arrow at the front of the forbidden area, and the ball hit the defensive team The player went out of the bottom line and the Belgian corner came out, but kompany's header was blocked.

In the 17th minute, Lukaku turned to the two defenders in the forbidden area and hit the door to get the corner. Unfortunately, kompany's volley didn't sink. However, as the game went on, Belgium gradually took the initiative on the scene. In the 25th minute, Lukaku's heel hit his own foot. Belgium missed the chance to rewrite the score. In the 27th minute, Azar's volley outside the forbidden area, Sichuan Island Yongsi saves the ball!

In the 30th minute, the Japanese team also had a chance. Meunier fell to the top, Xiangchuan organized the attack, Qian Guishi rushed to the top and attacked the door, kurtuwa confiscated the ball! In the 36th minute, Azar found an opportunity in the front court, but the adjusted hit was blocked by the defenders, and then vitsell's long-range shot fired anti-aircraft guns. At the end of the first half, Belgium completely took the initiative in the scene and suppressed Japan as a whole Team attack, but kurtour almost appeared butter hand, both sides also into 0-0 into the halftime. In the second half, Yi Bian fought again. In the 48th minute, Chai Qiyue stopped in the middle of the field and Wei Tongheng made a low-level mistake. He burst into the forbidden area and scored low! Japan took the lead 1-0! Soon after losing the ball, Azar hit the post!

In the 52nd minute, Qian Guishi shot away from the net! Japan scored two goals in 4 minutes, 2-0 ahead of Belgium!

After that, the Japanese team played more and more calmly. In the 61st minute, Lukaku got the chance to head the ball, but slightly deviated from the goal. After that, Belgium strengthened its attack. In the 69th minute, wittongheng made up for his mistakes, scored the goal with a overhead shot, helped Belgium recover the goal, and continued to hope.

In the 74th minute, Felini headed the goal and Belgium chased two goals in five minutes, making the score 2-2.

After that, the two sides fell into the saw fight again. In the 83rd minute, Honda Guiyou and Xiangchuan zhensi beat each other 2-1 and were damaged. In the 85th minute, Belgium team got a good chance again, but Kawashima Yongsi magically attacked and solved the crisis.

At the last moment of the game, Belgium launched the final attack. In the 93rd minute, Honda Guiyou hit the free kick directly, but it was dissolved by kurtuva, then Belgium counterattacked, Belgium won the final victory! Belgium beat Japan 3-2 to advance to the top 8!

Starting from both sides:

Belgium starts with: 1-kurtuva, 15-menye, 2-aldereld, 4-kompani, 5-wiltonghen, 7-debrouane, 6-vitsell, 11-karasco, 14-mertens, 10-azar, 9-lukaku;

Substitutes: 12 minoole, 13 Castres, 18 januzai, 17 tilemans, 23 donkel, 16 salgen Azar, 8 Fellini, 19 denbelle, 22 shazli, 21 basuyai, 20 boyata, 3 Vermaelen.

First in Japan: 1-nagasaki, 3-nagasaki, 5-changyouyoudu, 19-hongshu Sakai, 22-maye Yoshida, 7-kawasaki, 8-yuankouchi, 10-zhensi xiangkawa, 14-qianguishi, 17-nagaku, 15-dabaoyong;

Substitutes: 2-zhitong, 4-guiyou Honda, 6-yuantenghang, 9-shensi Okazaki, 11-guishi yuzuomi, 12-shunzhao tokuchi, 13-taketo Jiaji, 16-shankouhu, 18-datao Bitai, 20-kanno Zhizhang, 21-jiujing Gaode, 23-zhongcun Hangfu.