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How old can a baby eat salmon? What are the benefits of eating salmon for a baby

Sihaiwang: Salmon is not new to us. Salmon is tender, colorful and smooth in taste. In recent years, it has become a delicacy on the family table. Not only that, salmon also has a high nutritional value. Can children eat such nutritious food? How old can children eat salmon?

How old can a baby eat salmon

Generally speaking, after eight months, the baby can add meat, including fish. Children can eat salmon after 8-10 months, but remember that the quantity should be small, and it must be cooked. It's better to go to stab and mash it to make it muddy, so it's easier to digest.

If the child is a little younger, he should eat carefully. Salmon belongs to seafood. In the words of the elderly, it belongs to hair. When the baby has a cold, a fire or inflammation, it can't be eaten. Otherwise, it may aggravate the disease. Under the age of the baby to add appropriate, pay attention to observation, some babies eat seafood will be allergic.

Benefits of salmon for babies

1. Firstly, the high-quality protein of fish is easy to digest and absorb, which is suitable for infants with weak gastrointestinal function;

2. Secondly, eating fish will take in more unsaturated fatty acids, which is good for baby's brain development;

3. In addition, fish meat is rich in zinc, selenium, iodine and other minerals, which provides a nutritional basis for the growth of baby's bones and muscles and the establishment of immune system.

Be careful:

However, there is a big trouble in eating fish, that is' fishbone '. When parents choose fish for their babies, they should not only consider their own nutritional value, but also choose fish with less bones. The following 39 parenting editors recommend several kinds of fish with rich nutrition and less bones.

The benefits of eating fish puree:

1. Make your baby's eyes bright and bright. Taurine in fish can inhibit cholesterol synthesis and improve eyesight.

2. Fish meat is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and so on. Often eating fish has the effect of nourishing liver and blood, nourishing skin and hair.

3. There is a lot of DHA in fish, which can promote the development of baby's brain.

4. Fish are rich in complete proteins. The amount and ratio of essential amino acids contained in fish protein are most suitable for human needs, easy to be digested and absorbed by human body, and provide sufficient nutrition support for baby's healthy physique.