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What kind of Pitaya is best to eat? What are the precautions for eating Pitaya

Four seas net: dragon fruit, I believe you should be very familiar with it? It is a very good fruit, rich in nutrition, and, in fact, dragon fruit is a tropical fruit, but for the selection of dragon fruit, there are actually a lot of knowledge, so, what kind of dragon fruit is the best to eat?

What kind of Pitaya is best to eat?

Benefits of eating Pitaya

The Pitaya is rich in nutrition and unique in function, which has an excellent effect on human health. It contains plant albumin and anthocyanin, rich vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber, which are rare in general plants. Albumin is a kind of viscous and colloidal substance, which has the effect of detoxification to heavy metal poisoning. Due to the neglect of industrial wastewater and waste treatment and recovery, all kinds of water resources have been seriously polluted by heavy metals. In addition to the direct drinking water poisoning, the human food heavy metal content is also easy to be poisoned.

When albumin meets heavy metal ions in the human body, it will automatically combine with heavy metal ions, and then be eliminated from the body by the excretion system, which plays a role in detoxification. Therefore, eating pitaya, which is rich in albumin, can avoid poisoning due to the absorption of heavy metal ions. Albumin also has protective effect on gastric wall. Moreover, the albumin in flowers, fruits and stems of Pitaya is very good and stable. The aggregation of these albumin constitutes the main component of cactus mucus.

In addition to its rich albumin, pitaya has a more special component, anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is contained in grape skin, red beet and other fruits and vegetables, but the content of anthocyanin is the highest in pitaya fruit, especially in red flesh fruit. It has the functions of anti-oxidation, anti free radicals and anti-aging, and it can also improve the prevention of brain cell degeneration and inhibit the occurrence of dementia. At the same time, pitaya also contains vitamin C, which can whiten the skin, and water-soluble dietary fiber which can reduce weight, lower blood sugar and moisten the intestine, and prevent colorectal cancer.

What kind of Pitaya is best to eat?

1. Weigh the dragon fruit.

When choosing the dragon fruit, you should choose the heaviest one. This kind of dragon fruit juice is rich, full and delicious.

2. Look at the skin and color of the Pitaya.

When choosing a pitaya, the smoother the skin, the fresher the flesh. In addition, when selecting red skin pitaya fruit, the redder its surface is, the better the pitaya fruit is ripe, the green part should be bright, and the yellow part indicates that the pitaya fruit is not fresh.

3. Identify the shape of the dragon fruit.

Choose the short and fat ones instead of the long and thin ones, because the long and thin ones have less water and poor taste.