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What kind of fish does Zhang Liang make in the Chinese restaurant? How to cook fish in brown sauce

I believe that people who have seen the Chinese restaurant drool over the food. This time, Zhang Liang brought us braised fish. It looks good. Do you know how to make the fish? What kind of fish is Zhang Liang's fish? It's braised fish made of grass carp.

In the Chinese restaurant, Zhang Liang is the real cook. In the program, Zhang Liang has made a lot of dishes. At present, we know that there are braised fish and stir fried vegetables in the first issue. The second phase is kung pao chicken. The update will continue later.

The reality show "Chinese restaurant" has been broadcast for two periods. It is composed of Zhao Wei (store manager), Huang Xiaoming (Deputy Store Manager), Zhou Dongyu (cashier at the bar), Zhang Liang (Chef), Jin Mengjia (assistant chef). Five stars perform according to different division of labor. They operate a Chinese restaurant in xiangdao, Thailand. This group of people and horses attract people's attention from purchase and cooking to greeting guests! (this article is from Editor WYH exclusive arrangement, if you need to reprint please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

1. Clean the fish's abdominal cavity first. Now the water body is polluted to different degrees, so there are black films in the fish's abdominal cavity!

2. Cut a flower knife on both sides of the fish - it's easy to taste!

3. Evenly spread some salt on both sides of the fish, even in the abdominal cavity, to make a little taste in the early stage!

4. Put the prepared fish in the plate, match with ginger shreds, beat flat garlic, dried chili shreds, and then add some green onions!

5. After cooking, add ingredients and stir up the fragrance. The fire should not be too big, mainly stir up the fragrance

6. When the green onion and garlic turn yellow, you can take out the ingredients for use. Red pepper should pay special attention not to fry black, which is not good-looking. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

7. The remaining oil is used to fry fish. The oil temperature is 6 minutes. It's good if it's slightly yellow on both sides, or it can be slightly fried. Be careful when turning over the fish. Break it and smash the pot.

8. Then you can put a small bowl of water (there is no high soup in the family) and start cooking - there is a lot of hot oil in the hotel, and people even cook it with oil, so the family will use their own way! After the water is boiled, add the most important yellow wine + soy sauce, and the steps of deodorization, seasoning and dyeing.

9. Put in the previous ingredients and cook them together. Put a little salt in the soup. Consider the amount, because the soy sauce is also salty, and then add the sauce, including the fish itself and the smell! Constantly pour the sauce on the fish to ensure even heating!

10. Add a tablespoon of bean paste.

11. Dish the fish again and sprinkle with Scallion leaves.

There are still some soup in the 12. pot! It's the essence. Add a little sugar and vinegar, taste, mix a bowl of water starch at the bottom, put into the pot, boil in high heat, stir quickly and evenly, and start the pot when it is a little sticky.

13. Pour on the soup! How much of the juice you can control, less too dry, more tasteless.