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Is it easy to gain weight when eating sweets

from a newly sensible child to a 80 year old grandma, it's easy to gain weight if you eat sweet food! I don't believe that you can't gain weight if you make up a small number! What I say doesn't count, let's see what experts say!

According to the Russian woman website, any food contains calories, and the calories come from three kinds of energy that the human body needs, protein, fat and carbohydrate. If a person eats too much (more than 300 grams) in a short period of time, he will get fat because of the calories in fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, desserts are more suitable for tasting than eating. A small amount of dessert after dinner is the guideline for dieters to eat dessert.

According to the report, sugars contain 100% of the calories of carbohydrates, without vitamins, minerals and proteins. Lollipops, on the other hand, contain 96% carbohydrates, no vitamins or trace elements. Coca Cola is a 100% carbohydrate calorie drink with no benefits. Even cakes labeled 'low calorie' may use trans fats, which are extremely high in calories. Do you want to risk losing your body and your health at the same time? It's better to eat vegetables and fruits, bread, grains, natural berries, fruit juice, vegetable oil and other healthy foods with protein and carbohydrate than eating these 'naked calories'.

In addition, it is recommended that you eat dessert after dinner to prevent blood sugar from rising. In addition, the following six tips can help you to reduce your calorie intake.

1. Refrigerate chocolate and serve,.

2. Cut candy or dessert into small pieces with a knife and eat slowly.

3. Add cinnamon or vanilla to drinks or dishes to reduce the dependence on sweets.

4. Do not eat sweets at night.

5. Don't eat sweets while watching TV, chatting with friends or reading books.

6. If you want to eat sweets, please try to eat before noon.