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Can tomato beautify the skin

tomatoes are red, beautiful in color, moderate in sour and sweet. It's good to eat raw and make dishes. It's not only nutritious but also the favorite of beauty industry. Speaking of this, I really feel that the pollution-free tomato is a treasure in all fields!

1、 Tomato beauty tips

Beauty methods:

1. Tomato juice application: squeeze the tomato into juice, soak the application with cotton pad, remove the dead skin, fade the color spots, and make the skin fairer.

2. tomato Whitening Mask: add milk powder and honey into tomato juice and stir it evenly into paste. After washing the face, evenly smear it on the face, massage the T-shaped part slightly, and then wash it with warm water after 10 minutes.

3. tomato honey mask: wash fresh tomatoes, squeeze juice, honey into tomato juice, if the viscosity is not enough, add a little flour to make paste, before washing your face before going to bed, apply to the face, wash it with water after 20-30 minutes.

4. tomato anti wrinkle mask: first mix honey with a small amount of olive oil, then dip it on a slice of tomato and apply it to your face for 20 minutes. Then gently massage your face with your hands and wash it with warm water.

Efficacy principle

Tomato contains malic acid, citric acid and other weak acid ingredients, keep weak acid, can make skin healthy. Tomatoes contain glutathione, which can effectively maintain the normal metabolism of cells. Tomatoes can remove dead cells, deeply clean the skin, astringent the skin, and have the functions of cleaning, whitening and calming. Tomato is rich in vitamin C and fruit acid, which can effectively remove dead skin and replenish moisture for skin.

This article introduces the methods of tomato cosmetology in detail for you. I believe that you all have a certain understanding. In normal times, you may as well learn to have the above methods to maintain your skin. Maybe you will get different effects, which are much better than many cosmetics.

2、 What disease can tomato prevent

Because tomatoes are not only rich in nutrition, but also have a strong heat clearing and detoxifying effect, inhibiting pathological changes, it can play a role in cancer prevention and auxiliary treatment by insisting on eating 1-2 fresh and cooked tomatoes every day.

1. Treatment of skin diseases:

The fresh and ripe tomatoes can be peeled and seeded, mashed and applied to the affected area 2-3 times a day, which can cure fungal and infectious skin diseases.

2. Anti aging:

Mash the fresh and ripe tomato juice and add a little sugar, and apply it on the face every day, which can make the skin delicate and smooth, and the effect of beauty and anti-aging is excellent.

3. prevention of cancer:

Because tomatoes are not only rich in nutrition, but also have a strong heat clearing and detoxifying effect, inhibiting pathological changes, it can play a role in cancer prevention and auxiliary treatment by insisting on eating 1-2 fresh and cooked tomatoes every day.

4. Treatment of hypertension:

One or two fresh and ripe tomatoes were dipped in sugar on an empty stomach every morning, and the effect of lowering blood pressure was obvious.

5. Treatment of anemia:

One tomato and one apple, 15 grams sesame, once eaten, 1-2 times a day, long-term adherence, can treat anemia.

6. Ulcer treatment:

Patients with mild peptic ulcer can drink half a cup of squeezed tomato and potato juice, once a day in the morning and evening, 10 times a day, and the ulcer can be cured.

3、 The nutrition of Tomato

Nutrition Secrets: are tomatoes more red and more cancer proof

At present, there is no very effective treatment for cancer, so people often 'talk about cancer discoloration'. In recent years, there are more and more so-called anti-cancer and anti-cancer products. Among the anti-cancer or health food recommended by many world organizations, tomatoes are always in the forefront. In a large number of epidemiological investigations and animal experiments, it was found that the excellent performance of tomatoes in cancer prevention and anti-cancer was mainly due to lycopene.

How does lycopene prevent cancer and fight cancer?

First, through a series of biochemical effects, lycopene can promote the differentiation of cancer cells (to the benign direction), and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

Second, it can enhance the immune function of human body. Lycopene can promote the secretion of some cytokines with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, such as interleukin-ii, activate the lymphocyte to dissolve the cancer cells; the activated lymphocyte can release cytokines, such as tumor necrosis factor, etc., which has killing effect on the tumor cells.

Third, lycopene has a strong antioxidant effect. The aging, damage and DNA mutation of cells are all related to the role of free radicals, while antioxidants (such as lycopene, etc.) play an important role in scavenging free radicals and health care, including cancer prevention.

So, is tomato more red more cancer prevention?

The redder the tomato, the better, indicating the more lycopene. Processed tomatoes are better than fresh ones because lycopene is more easily absorbed. Studies have shown that a lycopene rich diet can reduce cancer and bowel disease in the bladder, lungs, prostate, skin and stomach, and help delay skin aging.

What food collocation does tomato and help prevent cancer?

Scientists at the University of Illinois and the University of Columbus, in the course of animal experiments, have put forward many convincing evidences on the problem that tomatoes and kale can inhibit the development of prostate cancer. They injected the same number of prostate cancer cells subcutaneously into the posterior abdominal ribs of 206 male rats, and then grouped them to observe the development of prostate cancer cells in rats for 22 weeks. They added 10% tomatoes to the diet of the rats in the first group, 10% mustard in the second group, and 10% tomatoes and 10% mustard in the third group.

4、 Tips for scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Tips 1: egg and tomato should be well matched

Usually we use two eggs with two tomatoes of the same size. The proportion of eggs and tomatoes is very important. If there are fewer tomatoes, scrambled eggs can taste inadequate, greasy and dry; if there are more tomatoes, they can be too sour, too much soup, and they can't enjoy scrambled eggs.

Trick 2: beat eggs hard!

When you egg egg egg, you should be careful. You should hit hard, and try harder. You should gradually speed up the chopsticks. Every tip of the chopsticks should be scraped to the bottom of the bowl. You should let the chopsticks soak in the egg as much as possible. When the chopsticks move outside the bowl, almost all the egg leaped out of the bowl. When the eggs are stopped, there are many bubbles on the egg surface, which is the egg. Yes.

Tip 3: put a small amount of water in the freshly beaten eggs

The eggs are often fried by accident, and if there is less oil, they will stick to the pot. We can put a small amount of water in the freshly beaten eggs, and then put it into the pot after mixing, so as to ensure that the eggs are fresh and tender after being fried. Moreover, some water will not stick to the pot so easily.