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Why can't exercise every day reduce blood fat the main indicators reflecting the level of blood lipid are total cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein. For people with high blood fat, it seems that the blood fat can't be reduced. It's not good to exercise every day and not eat greasy food, mostly because of several reasons.

1. The function of liver, kidney, intestine and other organs is poor.

To reduce blood fat, we need to expel the reduced blood fat from the body. Exercise is the only way to reduce blood fat, not even the most important one. It is mainly excreted by liver metabolism and kidney. Therefore, the liver and kidney function is not good, and the metabolites of fat can not be excreted after all, which leads to the failure of blood lipid. In addition, some of the fat metabolites are eliminated through the intestinal tract. If the gastrointestinal tract is not good, especially the intestinal neurosis, the blood lipid will not be reduced.

2. Impact of other diseases.

Hyperlipidemia can occur simply, but in reality, hyperlipidemia is often the secondary symptom of other diseases, or one of the by-products of diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease, thyroid disease, kidney disease, pancreas, obesity, glycogen accumulation disease, gout, Addison disease, Cushing's syndrome, abnormal globulinemia and so on. It is difficult to change the situation of hyperlipidemia if the basic diseases are not cured.

3. Salt intake. There is a certain relationship between hyperlipidemia and high salt, but it is not an inevitable relationship. It's not that eating too much salt will lead to hyperlipidemia. It can only be said that if you have hyperlipidemia, if you eat more salt, it will affect your blood lipid. The main reason is that hyperlipidemia is usually accompanied by hypertension and other diseases. More salt will increase the risk of high blood pressure. To some extent, high blood pressure will promote the increase of hyperlipidemia.

4. Mental factors can also cause hyperlipidemia.

5. Hyperlipidemia is also affected by genetic factors. If the family has a history of hyperlipidemia, it will be difficult to reduce blood lipid.

For example, the adjustment of diet and improvement of life style are the first and long-term measures. In addition, if you have bad habits, such as smoking, you should give up. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol, especially alcohol, eliminate excessive mental tension, which is conducive to restore the normal metabolism of lipids.

If there is no coronary heart disease and the blood lipid level is still abnormal after 3-6 months of diet adjustment and lifestyle change, medication should be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

The diet treatment of patients with coronary heart disease can be carried out simultaneously with drug treatment. What kind of medicine should be chosen for treatment? It should be used according to the type of individual dyslipidemia and under the guidance of doctors.

The Western medicines for hyperlipidemia mainly include statins, beites, bile acid chelators and niacin.

If the patient's serum cholesterol is mainly increased, the drugs that inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver should be selected, such as statins (lovastatin, pravastatin, simvastatin, zhizhikang, etc.) or drugs that increase the discharge of cholesterol from the body (such as xiaodanamine, Jiangzhining, etc.). If the patient's serum triglyceride is mainly increased, the formation of triglyceride should be reduced and the generation of triglyceride should be accelerated Xie's medicines, such as shellfish, include fenofibrate (lipin), bezafibrate (bijiangzhi), gifeprozil (nuoheng, Jiezhi, kanglizhi), etc., or nicotinic acid (lelipin). In order to prevent adverse drug reactions, when long-term use of drug treatment, we should regularly detect the liver, renal function, creatine kinase and other safety indicators.

In traditional Chinese medicine, hyperlipidemia is roughly divided into five types, so there are five ways:

1. Phlegm turbid internal obstruction: it is suitable to treat fragrant turbid, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness. The prescription is Wendan Decoction, Sanren Decoction and Banxia Baizhu Tianma decoction. 2. Liver Yang, phlegm and fire: calm the liver and latent Yang, clear away heat and remove phlegm. Side with gastrodia Uncaria drink, Huanglian Wendan soup.

3. Phlegm and blood stasis: clear phlegm and dredge collaterals, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Add and subtract Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction.

4. Deficiency of liver and kidney yin: tonifying liver and kidney, filling essence and marrow. Add and subtract Qiju Dihuang pill.

5. Qi deficiency and blood stasis: replenish qi and activate blood, clear phlegm and dredge collaterals. The recipe is Buyang Huanwu Decoction.

In addition, drinking the water of Panax notoginseng is helpful to control hyperlipidemia, and it has an effect about 3 months.