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What are the effects of foetus chrysanthemum? What are the advantages of drinking chrysanthemum ofte

It's also called chamomile. It's a kind of chrysanthemum. It has a certain medicinal value. You know that it can clear away heat and fire. But it's far more effective than that. What's the function and effect for it? Let's have a look

The efficacy and function of foetus Chrysanthemum

The main components of chrysanthemum are volatile oil, flavonoids, amino acids and other trace elements, which are often used to treat some patients' diseases. The main functions of chrysanthemum include wind clearing, heat clearing and liver brightening.

Cardiovascular action

The preparation of chrysanthemum can significantly increase the coronary blood flow of isolated rabbit heart, improve the ST segment depression after brain central stimulation in ECG, and thus improve the tolerance of animals to hypoxia. According to the fact that chrysanthemum can dilate the coronary artery, increase the arterial blood flow and improve the tolerance of myocardial cells to hypoxia, it can be used as antihypertensive drugs in clinic.

Effect on cholesterol

According to the related data, the decoction of chrysanthemum can inhibit the activity of methylglutalphthalide coenzyme A reductase in rat liver microsomes, activate some enzymes of cholesterol, and accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol. In the research of Hu Chun and other scholars, it was also found that some extracts of chrysanthemum can significantly improve the cholesterol raising effect of rats in the experiment, keep the cholesterol level in serum basically unchanged, improve the concentration of protective high-density lipoprotein, and reduce the concentration of low-density lipoprotein which is harmful to the body. When the body ingests too much cholesterol, some components in chrysanthemum can accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol, inhibit the rise of triglyceride, and finally achieve the prevention or treatment of clinical auxiliary treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Resistance to pathogens

Chrysanthemum has obvious inhibitory effect on some gram-positive bacteria and human tuberculosis. Some studies abroad have also proved that chrysanthemum has a certain killing and inhibiting ability to simple scab virus, measles virus and poliovirus. In addition, another important feature of chrysanthemum is the anti AIDS effect found in the study. Studies in some literature and magazines reported that some chrysanthemums can inhibit the replication activity of some transcriptase and HLV. The separated Acacia element-7-0-b-d-o-galactopyran-2 is a new active component against HIV, and its toxicity to human body is relatively low, so it can be applied to the research of anti HIV.

Antibacterial effect

Relevant data show that hangju has a complete inhibitory effect on E.coli, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid, proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Vibrio cholerae in vitro, and some inhibitory effects on human tuberculosis.

Antiaging effect


This effect of flower is mainly reflected in that some components of chrysanthemum can significantly improve the activity of brain cells, prevent cerebrovascular accidents or pathological changes, delay the decline of brain function, protect the superoxide anion free radicals of cell biofilm, achieve the purpose of anti-aging, in addition, it can help expand cerebral blood vessels, increase the blood supply of brain, and play a good role in protecting brain.


The flavonoids contained in chrysanthemum can clear away free radicals and superoxide anion, and exert the ability of antioxidation.

Through the above introduction, we know what the function and effect of foetus chrysanthemum is. In normal times, we mainly drink it in water. Generally, we take three or four of them to brew in boiling water, cover them for seven or eight minutes. In addition, we can also add sugar or honey in them when drinking, which will have better effect. However, friends with cold constitution should drink less.