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Women's happiness is not happy

When two people are in love, they believe in love and think that love can transcend everything. But love is not equal to happiness. Look at a woman's happiness and unhappiness. Just look at these four points. Let's take a look with Xiaobian

Most of the happy marriage comes from both parties' devotion to this relationship. If both of them are indifferent to each other, such a marriage will not be happy. Only when our hearts are satisfied, that happiness will be emitted from the inside out.

In general, women's happiness in marriage mainly depends on these four points.

Number one: how often does she lose her temper

It is impossible for a woman to say that she is not angry for various reasons in her life. It's just that there's a difference in the amount of tantrums. Some women may be more comfortable in their daily life. When they can bear it, most of them will bear it. But ordinary life is very comfortable women, the frequency of temper is very high, a little trivial things, will make her angry.

Second point: look at women's expressions

A woman's expression can never be deceiving. If she is unhappy with you, you will always frown on her. If she feels comfortable with you, she will glow. Happy women often have smiles on their faces, while unhappy women can't smile at all. With you, the woman with lively expression is comfortable.

Third, look at her skin

For a woman with a happy marriage, her husband must be very good to her. Under the nourishment of love, the look of this woman must be very good. Compared with that before marriage, the skin must be getting better and better, and her face must be radiant.

Their beauty must not be decorated by cosmetics, but also can not be decorated. It is influenced by their inner happiness.

On the contrary, those women who are unhappy in marriage must not be happy in their hearts. Therefore, compared with before their marriage, they must have poorer skin and worse complexion, and become the "yellow face" as people often say.

Fourth point: look at her image

Happy women never treat themselves badly. In addition to their inner self-cultivation, they will also dress themselves very delicately to make themselves more confident. Only good women can get love from others, so they will be more likely to get happiness. Unhappy women often dress casually. They usually live in other people's world and do not cherish themselves at all, much less Waste money and time on yourself.