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Millet 8 and oppor15 which is worth buying millet 8 and oppor15 configuration comparison

Xiaomi 8 and oppor15 are both new mobile phones launched this year. Many small partners choose between them. Of course, there are many considerations. Which mobile phone is more worthy of purchase? Let's take a look at the comparison and evaluation of these two mobile phones with Xiaobian. Maybe we can give you some suggestions.

Comparison and evaluation of Xiaomi 8 and oppor15:

1. Appearance:

1.oppo R15:

R15 will be equipped with a 6.28-inch 19:9 super-v display full screen with a resolution of 2280 & times; 1080, and the left and right frames are only 1.78mm, accounting for 90% of the screen,

Among them, the standard edition provides three color schemes: Star purple, snow white and heat red,

The dream version is dream red, which is jointly designed by Karim Rashid (Karim & middot; Richie), a superstar of American industrial design and master of color.

2. millet 8:

Xiaomi 8 adopts four curved glass body + 7 series aluminum middle frame design, 6.21 inch 18.7:9 screen design on the front, vertical double photography + fingerprint recognition on the back, and provides four colors of white, gold, bright blue and black.

In terms of appearance, like Xiaomi 8, the oppo R15 uses a Liu Haiping design similar to Apple's iPhone X.

However, due to the structural design of Xiaomi 8's Liu Haiping, the oppo R15 gives a better feeling than Xiaomi 8 in terms of screen share. However, from the overall point of view, both mobile phones belong to the first camp of the mobile phone industry, and both of them have super high beauty value.

2、 Configuration:

1.oppo R15:

Oppo R15 launched the Helio P60 processor of MediaTek in China. The R15 dreammirror version still uses the Qualcomm snapdragon 660 mobile platform. The overall performance of the two processors is similar. Therefore, only considering the performance, there is not much gap with the previous generation of oppo r11s.

2. millet 8:

Xiaomi 8 uses Qualcomm's flagship processor of the year, snapdragon 845. The snapdragon 845 adopts Samsung's second-generation 10 nm LPP advanced process and supports arm's latest dynamiq technology. It can break the limitations of the original cluster when performing multi-core operation, and the resource allocation is more intelligent and power saving.

3、 Camera

1.oppo R15:

In front of the camera, oppo R15 uses a 20 megapixel camera,

The supported 3-hdr real-time hierarchical exposure technology can realize individual exposure for each pixel,

The self shot avoids partial over exposure / over dark, and the picture is the same as the picture on the screen of the mobile phone. What you see is what you get.

2. millet 8:

Xiaomi 8 is a representative work of Xiaomi camera.

In terms of hardware, Xiaomi 8 uses the same dual 12 million AI zoom dual camera as Xiaomi's mix 2S at the rear. The 1.4 & mu; m super large pixel backlight is better, and dual PD dual core focus is fast and accurate.

Xiaomi has set up a professional camera testing laboratory and 35 kinds of quality testing projects, including more than 90 challenging test scenarios, with 51200 photos taken in a single mobile phone test.

After the continuous professional adjustment of the laboratory, Xiaomi 8 got a good score of 105 points in the DxOMark test.

With the light effect function of studio based on AI deep learning technology, Xiaomi 8 can also intelligently recognize the background environment and face information, artistically process pictures, recognize the face direction and let the light source follow intelligently,

Support seven kinds of gorgeous lighting effects, such as stage light, natural light, movie light, leaf light, etc., which can easily produce amazing effects comparable to the studio.

Xiaomi 8's AI camera supports 25 kinds of tags, and as many as 206 kinds of scene recognition enable ordinary users to use Xiaomi 8 to shoot the same level as professionals.

4、 Endurance:

1.oppo R15:

When the battery capacity of oppor15 is 3400 Ma, it also supports vooc flash charging.

2. millet 8:

Xiaomi 8 uses 3400 MAH battery to support fast charging.

The above is the performance evaluation of millet 8 and oppor15. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Youxun! I hope to help you guys, please support me a lot!