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What are the psychological manifestations of men's fear of marriage Nowadays, more and more people are reluctant to get married. Many of them say that they are afraid of marriage. There are men and women who are afraid of marriage. It seems that women are more obvious than men. They will show their worries and fears. What about men's fear of marriage? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

1、 No freedom in marriage

Women want freedom, men want more, even in love, men also want to have their own personal space. Besides, men themselves have the nature of being "big, old and rough". They don't care about many things. Once they get married, someone will take care of them. They usually even ask the East and the West about drinking with their brothers. Even if the wife is not the one who loves to control, the responsible man will feel an invisible bondage.

2、 The responsibility has grown

A man is the "backbone" of his family after he has a family. If he can't take good care of the whole family, it is likely to lead to the failure of marriage, and the man's heart will be hit. So when a man is not mature enough, or the financial conditions are not enough to support a family, he will be afraid of marriage.

3、 Worry about not being able to bear the pressure

Marriage and love are different. After marriage, we have to face a series of problems, such as work, children, parents of both sides, which have to be considered. As the head of the family, the burden naturally falls on the man's shoulders. Even if the wife can give support and help, due to the misdemeanor of macho, few men can accept it. And because the current marriage requires more houses and cars, no one belongs to their own business, which can not meet this standard.

4、 Marriage restricts business

In addition to a small number of men, who can grandly get rid of the trivial burden of the family, most ordinary men must not only support the material needs of the family, but also undertake the trivial affairs of the family. In the same sentence, if you ask to share the housework equally with your wife, the public opinion will say that you are not a man. Therefore, housework is now mostly a man's obligation.

5、 Relatives and friends have a headache

Once upon a time, it was said that outside the male Lord, inside the female Lord. But now it's not only male but also male. In addition to making money outside, men must also do housework, and they must also deal with the sending and greeting of relatives on both sides of the family. Do a good job in all kinds of complicated relations at home and abroad. This is not a headache.

So what if a boyfriend is afraid of marriage? Experts suggest that if a woman wants to get married and her boyfriend is afraid of getting married, she should first ask her boyfriend why she is afraid of getting married, and then break it one by one. Usually, she will do more things after marriage with her to make him feel the beauty after marriage, such as cooking soup, wake him up, kiss him good night, etc. I believe that only when her boyfriend's psychological defense line is broken can marriage be proposed.

There are not many people of this type in the old people who are not married. They are eager to get married, but they are not forced to follow the path most people follow with their consanguinity. In the process of gradually adapting to a person, the gap of emotional life is filled by many other life pleasures.