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How about eating sheep scorpion in summer

As the name implies, sheep scorpion is called sheep scorpion because its shape is similar to that of scorpion. Sheep scorpion is known as the "king of Tonifying the kidney", which has rich nutritional value. How about eating sheep scorpion in summer? Let's have a look.

How about eating sheep and scorpion in summer

Eat some sheep scorpions in summer. They can nourish yin and clear away heat, nourish liver and eyes, nourish calcium and Qi, and strengthen body. Eat some sheep scorpions in hot weather can also play a role of dispersing cold in the warm and nourishing qi and blood. But summer sheep scorpion try to choose the practice of stewing, so it is not easy to catch fire.

In addition, scorpion is rich in nutrition, which is beneficial to tuberculosis, tracheitis, asthma, anemia, postpartum deficiency of both qi and blood, abdominal cold pain, deficiency of body and chills, malnutrition, weakness of waist and knees, impotence and premature ejaculation, as well as all deficiency cold diseases. It has the functions of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang, tonifying deficiency and warming, and is suitable for men to eat regularly.

Precautions for eating sheep and scorpion in summer

1. People who have a hot constitution, a strong Yang, dry stool and a hot heart are not suitable for eating; people who have fever, toothache, sore mouth and tongue, cough and spit yellow phlegm and other burning symptoms are not suitable for eating. Hepatitis patients should not eat mutton. People with deficiency cold constitution are more suitable, but mutton and wine should be eaten in proper amount, and 1-2 should be used for mutton and wine every day.

2. It is best to use simple cooking methods, recipe design and eating methods. The most popular method in Xiaoxian county is to cut mutton white, boil sheep's head soup, wash the fresh mutton, boil it in boiling water, pour out the boiling water, and then pour it into boiling water, only a little salt, onion and ginger. The mutton produced in this way has little nutritional loss, delicious taste, and is not greasy. When eating, it is dipped in salt and soy sauce. There is no hot and spicy condiment, and there is no worry of burning after eating while supplementing nutrition.

3. It is not suitable to eat in places with low temperature. This is because mutton or mutton soup has the function of heat dissipation, warming meridians and dredging collaterals. The temperature of "Fu day" is generally on the high side. People's body needs heat dissipation and perspiration urgently. If the temperature in the air conditioning room is too low, the perspiration will not be discharged, and the effect of internal heat can not be achieved, and even other diseases may be brought.

4. When you are full of sheep and scorpions, don't eat watermelon right away. Watermelon cold, eating not only greatly reduces the warming and tonifying effect of mutton, but also easily causes spleen and stomach dysfunction, so it is popular among the people that eating watermelon and mutton together 'hurts vitality'. In addition, mutton can't be eaten with snails, or it will cause abdominal distention; it's easy to not digest and even cause vomiting when it's eaten with chestnut; mutton can't be eaten with tea, because it can cause constipation.