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Is it harmful for men to drink soymilk in the morning? What is the scientific basis

Recently, drinking soy milk has become a trend. It is a necessary drink on the dining table. Women drink soy milk, which can nourish their face and prevent osteoporosis. Is drinking soy milk harmful to men? Let's take a look

a lot of people ask me: can a man drink soymilk? I heard that a man is suitable for milk, and a woman is suitable for soymilk. Is that so? Let's see first. What's the main reason that a woman is suitable for soymilk. In fact, this is nothing more than because of the isoflavones in soybeans. They have the activity of weak estrogen. For menopausal women, they can partially make up for the problems brought by the decrease of estrogen level, such as the decrease of skin elasticity, the acceleration of bone calcium loss, the agitation of red heart, etc. Because the biological activity of phytoestrogen is only one thousandth of that of estrogen, a cup of soymilk is not enough for young women to cause significant changes in estrogen levels. For young men, the androgen content is very high, and the phytoestrogen in a cup of soybean milk can not reverse the hormone balance, affect the male sexual characteristics, or affect the normal development of boys. On the contrary, when the intake of phytoestrogens is high, it has a slight inhibitory effect on androgen, so the young men with high androgen level drink some soymilk, which is helpful to alleviate the problems caused by hormone imbalance such as acne to a certain extent. The tradition of soybean consumption in China is very long. According to the documents of Zhou Dynasty, one of the ancient five cereals included soybean, which was in front of rice and wheat. It can be seen that at that time, how important the soybean was in the diet, the consumption was much higher than now. However, how brave and vigorous were the men at that time? We can imagine from the historical stories and the images of the terracotta warriors. The ancients said that soybean "invigorates the spleen and Qi, replenishes the Qi and blood". For more than two thousand years, there has never been such a record: because of eating soybean, male dysplasia is feminized. In fact, it's good and harmless for men to eat some soybeans properly. A study published in the Journal of nutrition in October 2007 showed that the intake of soy protein can reduce the expression of androgen receptor in male prostate, which is completely consistent with the results of many epidemiological studies that soy milk and soy products are conducive to the prevention of male prostate cancer. Some scholars think that Western men's paunch is due to drinking too much beer, and hops contain phytoestrogens, which can inhibit the role of androgens and cause obesity. However, this statement does not take into account the important fact that the habit of drinking beer in Europe was formed 900 years ago. In the Middle Ages when sanitation was poor, some parts of Europe even used beer instead of water, while the obesity rate was very low at that time - obviously, the total energy intake and physical activity were more important factors than the phytoestrogen in the food for men's beer belly. On the contrary, excessive intake of milk may promote the occurrence of prostate cancer. The survey found that milk intake was positively correlated with the risk of prostate cancer. This is not to say that drinking milk will cause cancer, but that too much milk (such as the equivalent of 3 cups per day) may increase the risk of prostate cancer, just as eating too much meat will promote the occurrence of multiple cancers. At the same time, it has also been found that the conjugated linoleic acid contained in milk fat can inhibit a variety of cancer cells in vitro, which may be beneficial to the prevention of breast cancer. So, should we say conversely, it is good for men to drink soymilk, and it is good for women to drink milk. First of all, men and women have different physique. A man drinking soy milk is beneficial, which does not mean that all men have the same good effect. What's more, the amount of food has a huge impact on its health effects. One cup of milk is not equal to three cups of milk. One cup of soy milk is good for preventing osteoporosis. Four cups of soy milk may also bring side effects. Some doctors have found that many patients with kidney stones have a history of drinking a lot of soy milk. The basic principle of toxicology is: dose determines toxicity. Medicine and food are homologous, and each kind of food has the best quantity. If a food exceeds its reasonable quantity, it may hinder the nutritional balance and even bring health risks. So is meat, so is milk, so is vegetable, and so is soymilk. China's nutrition society has specified the reasonable amount of soybean in the latest version of dietary guidelines - 30-50g / day. In this way, according to the proportion of 1 jin of beans and 10 jin of water, 2 cups of soymilk, or 1 cup of soymilk plus half a piece of tofu. In this amount, soymilk will not make Chinese men female, nor will it reduce their fertility.