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Can you blow after moxibustion in summer? What are the precautions of Moxibustion in summer moxibustion, the moxibustion method in acupuncture and moxibustion therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, is a kind of natural therapy for health care and disease treatment by igniting the moxa stick and moxa stick made of moxa leaves and fumigating the acupoints of human body. It has the functions of activating meridians and collaterals, promoting qi and blood circulation, dispelling wind and dispelling cold. So how long can you blow after moxibustion in summer? What are the precautions for moxibustion in summer?

How long can I blow after moxibustion in summer

Moxibustion should not be dried in summer.

Moxibustion is to expel cold Qi from the body and supplement Yang Qi from the body. At the same time, channels will be opened to expel the cold Qi from the body during the moxibustion process, so pay attention not to blow after moxibustion to prevent cold Qi from entering. That's how it works.

After moxibustion, the capillaries of the body have been expanded and the blood circulation of the body has been accelerated. At this time, it should be necessary to keep away from the wind and cold. If it is necessary to blow outside, it will take at least two hours.

Notes on moxibustion in summer

1. We should be dedicated and patient. When applying moxibustion, pay attention to the concentration of mind, do not distract attention when applying moxibustion, so as to avoid moving the moxa stick, not on the acupoints, injuring the skin and flesh and wasting time. For health care moxibustion, we should adhere to it for a long time, and occasionally moxibustion can not achieve the expected effect.

2. Fire protection. When applying moxibustion, we must pay attention to prevent falling fire, especially when using moxa stick moxibustion, so as to prevent moxa stick from rolling and falling off. After moxibustion with a moxa stick, the lighted end of the moxa stick can be plugged into a bottle slightly larger in diameter than the moxa stick to facilitate extinguishing.

3. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention. For moxibustion, some parts of the body surface should be exposed, heatstroke should be prevented in summer, and the indoor temperature should be adjusted and the ventilator should be opened to exchange fresh air in time.

4. Pay attention to the accuracy of body position and acupoints. On the one hand, the posture should be suitable for the needs of moxibustion, and at the same time, the posture should be comfortable and natural. The position and acupoint should be identified according to the prescription to ensure the effect of moxibustion.

5. To prevent infection. If purulent moxibustion or improper moxibustion is used, local scald may cause sores and moxibustion sores. Do not break the sores. If the sores have been broken and infected, anti-inflammatory drugs should be used in time.

6. To master the procedure of moxibustion. If the moxibustion points are many and scattered, it should be carried out in the order of back first, chest and abdomen, head first, back and limbs.

7. Pay attention to the time of moxibustion. Some disease syndromes must pay attention to moxibustion time, such as insomnia before going to bed moxibustion. Do not use moxibustion immediately before or after meals.

8. It is necessary to use moxibustion step by step. For the first time, we should pay attention to the amount of stimulation. First, we should use a small amount of moxibustion, such as a small moxa cone, or the time of moxibustion is shorter, and the number of strong moxibustion is smaller. Increase the dosage later. Don't start with large doses.

9. Although the prevention of dizzy moxibustion and moxibustion is rare, once dizzy moxibustion occurs, dizziness, dizziness, nausea, pale complexion, panic, sweating, and even fainting will occur. After dizzy moxibustion, stop moxibustion immediately, lie down and lie still, add moxibustion at Zusanli, and moxibustion gently for about 10 minutes.

10. Pay attention to the adjustment of moxibustion temperature. For those with dull skin or children, place the index finger and middle finger on both sides of the moxibustion site to sense the temperature of the moxibustion site, so as not to burn the skin, but also to achieve good results.