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How to prepare the civil service examination more effectively

first, preparation time. I have been preparing for the exam for a full-time period of one month, doing a set of line tests and a set of comments every day, timing the exam strictly according to the time, painting the answer card, and then I won't do it. In this way, I guarantee that you won't receive the paper before the card is painted. The papers I did were national and local provincial. Later, when the papers were not enough, I did other provincial questions. At weekends, I did model tests with chalk. I didn't recommend other non real questions. There was a big gap between them. In addition to the four and a half hours of making the test paper, I will have a good look at my own test paper in other time. What is the correct rate of each module, which modules need to be strengthened, and then I will go back to see the teaching video. When watching the video, the teacher will give many real examples to explain, please! Be sure! Pause! Try it first! Listen to the teacher again! So I don't recommend watching the live broadcast unless the teacher leaves time for thinking.

Second, the first part of the test - common sense. If the preparation time is not enough, it is not recommended to review common sense. There are many common sense knowledge points and they are miscellaneous. The most important thing for us is to do more correct questions in the limited review time. It is not worthwhile to spend a lot of time reviewing common sense. Personally, I have one month to review. I don't have much time to review common sense. I choose to see common sense two weeks before the exam. Two weeks before the exam, all major training institutions began to summarize the common sense test points and tweet. I suggest paying attention to Huatu, Zhonggong and chalk.

Third, the second part of the test - speech. Here I want to correct a lot of people's ideas, that speech depends on language sense, not like this!!! Words depend on your reasoning ability before and after! Reasoning ability!

Fourth, the third block quantitative relationship is measured. Ten minutes to do ten questions will be very fast, so we need some skills to do the quantity.