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How do freshmen buy train tickets? Do freshmen pay half the price for train tickets?

in another month, senior three students are going to the university campus to become a college student. They are full of vision and imagination for the University. They are ready to go to the University before school starts. Taking the train is still the preferred means of transportation for most freshmen. But freshmen don't have student cards. How can they buy train tickets? Today's editor told you how to buy train tickets with admission letters?

What kind of tickets can freshmen buy?

College freshmen can buy the preferential ticket price of students with the original of formal college admission notice with the special seal of "higher education qualification" and their ID card. It should be noted that the admission notice can only be used once, and the ticket seller will mark on the notice that he has bought the ticket. This means that if a new student buys a student's ticket and then returns it, he can't buy another student's ticket when he buys it again.

At the same time, according to relevant regulations, the selling scope of student tickets is limited to ordinary hard seat tickets, ordinary hard sleeper tickets and second-class seats of EMU, while soft seat (sleeper) and first-class seats of EMU are not sold. The discount range of student ticket is: half price for hard seat; the sleeper combination ticket includes two parts: hard seat and sleeper. The hard seat part has a discount, which students can enjoy, with a discount of about 7.5%. For example, the sleeper ticket from Nanning to Beijing is 499 yuan, and the student sleeper discount is 369 yuan. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Process of buying train tickets for Freshmen

The steps to buy student tickets online with the admission notice are as follows:

1. Account registration: first, enter 12306 net account registration or add to the existing account (parents, relatives, friends are all allowed).

2. Activation: the newly added name will be displayed in gray, and the click will prompt "to be verified". This is because the ID card has not bought a train ticket, and can only be activated by the person holding the ID card to the ticket office of the railway station or the ticket agency. During activation, the user name of the account registered on 12306 (the user name used for login, sometimes the email account used for login, you can click 'my 12306' & rarr; 'to view personal information' & rarr; the user name will be displayed on the personal information page) and the ID number of the account registrant will be used. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

3. Modify personal information: 'my 12306' & rarr; 'frequently used contact' & rarr; open the frequently used contact management page, and each contact is finally 'Modify button'. Click the "modify" button to open the modification page. In the last additional information section, change the passenger type to student, open the "school" and other student specific information, fill in according to the notice and the actual situation, where the student number fills in the candidate number, and save.

4. Purchase ticket: select the right train number and press normal to purchase the ticket.

5. Ticket collection: take the order number, notice and ID card to collect tickets at the station window. Tickets can only be collected at the railway station, but not at the agency.

For details, please call 12306 for railway customer service.