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Which is more popular, litchi or mango? No one can eat litchi

Sihaiwang: summer is the best time to eat lychees. Lychees are rich in nutrients, taste sweet, and have the effects of nourishing brain and energy. Many people know that eating mango will make a fire. So which one is more popular than litchi and mango?

Which is more popular, litchi or mango

If you eat too much litchi, you will get angry. If you eat too much mango, you will not get angry.

But mango contains high sugar. If sugar can't be decomposed in time, it will cause fire. Different human bodies have different qualities, just like some people will be allergic to pineapple, can not be generalized. If eating sugary fruit causes fire, you can take vitamin B to regulate mango: avoid eating with garlic and other spices.

Can litchi and mango be eaten together

Mango and litchi are both tropical fruits. They can be eaten together, but litchi and mango are not easy to eat. Easy to catch fire.

So if you like to eat these two kinds of fruits, you need some every day. After all, some people on fire will have nosebleeds.

Who can eat litchi

It is generally edible per capita, especially suitable for the following people:

1. Weak constitution, insufficient body fluid after illness, anemia.

2. Spleen deficiency diarrhea, stomach cold pain.

3. Bad breath.

Taboo population of Litchi

1. Litchi fever, haemorrhagic patients, pregnant women and children should not eat.

2. Those suffering from dry sore throat, swollen gums and bleeding due to yin deficiency should not use it to avoid aggravating the symptoms of burning.

3. Diabetes patients are mostly Yin deficiency constitution, and litchi heat, and high sugar content, diabetes patients eating litchi will aggravate the condition.

4. Litchi contains tannin, methanol and so on. Eating more litchi is easy to generate internal heat. Eating more litchi in the elderly can aggravate constipation.

5、 Whelk, sore, cold or acute inflammation, it is not suitable to eat lychee, otherwise it will aggravate the disease.

6. Do not eat lychee for those suffering from upper fire, dry sore throat, swollen gums, epistaxis and other diseases, so as to avoid aggravating the disease.

7. Should not be eaten on an empty stomach. The sugar content of fresh litchi is very high. Eating it on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach pain and distention. In addition, if you eat too much on an empty stomach, you will suddenly add too much high sugar to your body, resulting in a 'hypertonic coma'.