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What kind of soup do you have in summer

It's refreshing to drink cold things in summer. In fact, if you have experience, it's very comfortable to drink soup in summer. What's the advantage of drinking soup in summer? What soup is good for summer? Let's get to know each other.

What soup to drink in summer

Hot summer, not just blindly drink cold things, but bad for the body. Soup is actually good for your health.

White gourd and job's tears pork ribs soup

Spareribs 750g, wax gourd 250g, job's tears 80g, Lily and ginger a small amount. Soak the job's tears and lilies for one night in advance. Remove the blood foam from the scalded spareribs, remove them and rinse them. Slice the winter melon and ginger. In addition to the winter melon, put them in the pot together. Add enough water, boil them and then put the winter melon. Cook until the spareribs are cooked, the job's tears are rotten, seasoned and sprinkled with scallions.

Function: wax gourd can clear away heat and water, reduce swelling and detoxification, generate saliva and eliminate boredom. The effect is very good, especially suitable for summer consumption; job's tears has the effect of promoting water, strengthening spleen, clearing away heat and purulent, and the effect of removing dampness and detoxification is significant. Spareribs supplement protein, Lily moisten lung, beauty. This soup can clear away heat and detoxify, relieve dampness and swelling, reduce blood fat and pressure, and is a good product in summer.

Red bean and crucian soup

Red beans 150g, crucian carp 300g, ginger, cooking wine, onion are appropriate. Clean crucian carp, marinate it with cooking wine for a while, slice ginger, cut scallion into sections, boil red beans first, then put crucian carp, ginger, scallion, cook until red beans are cooked and rotten, fish is soft and tender, seasoning.

Functions: Carassius auratus has the functions of invigorating the spleen, appetizing the stomach, benefiting the Qi, benefiting the water, ventilating the milk and dehumidification. It can improve the weakness of the spleen and the stomach, reduce the milk after childbirth, and reduce the swelling due to the unhealthy nutrition. While red bean is used to clear away the heat, detoxify, diuresis, nourish the heart, benefit the blood and eliminate the dampness, it can also replenish the Qi and blood. This soup can clear away heat and water, relieve wind and swelling, and lose weight.

Balsam pear and sliced pork soup

250g fresh balsam pear and 100g lean pork. Remove the pulp and cut the balsam pear, slice the pork, put the materials together in the pot, add sufficient water, boil it in high heat, and then cook it in low heat for a while, then season.

Function: balsam pear has a good effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. It can get rid of the heat in the heart, eliminate the toxin in the body, enhance the vitality of the cortex, make the skin tender, and also have a good hypoglycemic effect. Lean pork can nourish yin and moisten dryness, and improve iron deficiency anemia. This soup can clear away heat, relieve summer heat, clear eyes and detoxify. It can improve the symptoms of upset, thirst and excessive heat.

Mung bean and Lily job's tears soup

Take some mung bean, lily, job's tears and crystal sugar. Soak the materials in advance for a whole night, put them into the pot together, add some water, boil them, then boil them over a small fire until the materials are cooked and rotten, and put in the ice sugar until they are completely melted.

Functions: mung bean can clear away heat and detoxify, relieve heat and trouble, quench thirst and stomach, remove dampness and diuresis, effectively detoxify and inhibit bacteria, reduce blood lipid and anti-tumor; Lily can nourish heart and mind, moisten lung and cough, beautify skin; job's tears can clear heat and remove dampness, benefit lung and discharge pus, strengthen spleen and stomach, strengthen muscles and bones, which is a good product for removing dampness. This soup is a very good dessert soup in summer, delicious and healthy.

What's the advantage of soup in summer

1. Soup is like water. It's smarter to drink soup instead of water. Besides water, soup is rich in salt and fat. Therefore, although you can supplement water by drinking soup, you will eat more salt and fat at the same time, which will gradually erode your good figure, so drinking soup is not a good way to replace drinking water. From the point of view of losing weight, eating porridge is a more sensible way.

2. Women can drink more water to keep their face, men can drink less water. From a health point of view, men need more water. American scholars have found through a large number of studies that drinking more water can prevent urinary calculi and bladder cancer, which account for about three quarters of men. All in all, men who drink more than four glasses of water a day have a 32% lower risk of cancer than men who drink one or less. In addition, even if men and women drink the same amount of water, men are also prone to dehydration, because they are active, sweaty and lose water more easily than women.

3. 'drinking water also makes meat.' drinking more water will lead to obesity. It must be because other diets consume more calories than themselves, but people usually forget or don't want to remember. Scientific research shows that drinking water several times an hour before meals, the amount of each drink should be less, the ideal way is 250 ml at a time, more than 10 minutes at a time. The water you drink on an empty stomach stays in your stomach for only a few minutes. It quickly enters the small intestine and is absorbed into the blood. It can be replenished to the whole body's cells and tissues in about one hour. It can help people control their food intake, prevent overeating and help them lose weight.

Precautions for soup

1. It's better to eat without meat than rice without soup '. There are many people around us. They think that if they don't eat soup, they won't be able to have a meal, and they don't feel comfortable. Many people think that it is a very simple thing to drink soup. However, only by drinking soup scientifically can we not only absorb nutrients, but also avoid fat accumulation.

2. As the saying goes: 'drink soup before meals, slim and healthy; drink soup after meals, the fatter you drink'. Drink a few mouthfuls of soup before meals, which is conducive to food dilution and agitation, and promote digestion and absorption. Most importantly, drinking soup before meals can make the food in the stomach fully close to the stomach wall, enhance the sense of fullness and reduce appetite. Eating soup after meals can easily lead to over nutrition and obesity.