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Who are the top 8 of the 2018 World Cup? The final prediction of the top 8 of the 2018 World Cup

Who are the top 8 of the 2018 World Cup? The final prediction of the top 8 of the 2018 World Cup the world cup is in full swing. This year's competition can be described as one of the most popular. First, the last champion Germany group match was eliminated, and then Ronaldo's Spain top 16 stopped, making the audience more curious about who the world cup champion will spend this year. About the top 8 of the 2018 World Cup, who will be the top 8 of the 2018 World Cup? Let's make a bold prediction from the aspect of strength. Let's have a look.

The top 16 of the world cup is divided into the first half and the second half. The strength of the first half is particularly strong, which can be called the death half. Except for a Germany who unexpectedly leaves early, other strong teams have entered the first half, so we can think of the intensity of the game. Although Japan is lucky enough to be in the last 16, it is clearly arranged that against Belgium, it must also be good luck.

Although there is still half a month to go before the third place competition, we might as well guess the list of the top eight. In the 16th top eight, Spain has entered the sheep. The strength of each team in the second half is very different from that of Spain, and it has become a hot team to advance to the championship. There are 4 teams in the first half and 8 teams in the second half, and 7 teams with strong strength are all divided in the first half. Many teams have won the world cup for many times or entered the competition for the champion and the third place for many times. It is very difficult to guess the team that will get out ahead of time.

From the match situation, it can be seen that Portugal, France, Argentina, Brazil and Belgium are the top five hot winners in the first half of the world cup. Although there are many winners in this world cup, there is no problem for other teams except Germany, Poland and Japan in the top 16, but the gap between the weak and the strong is getting smaller. Although there are many strong teams in the first half of the District, four teams should be selected to PK four promotion teams in the second half of the district.

So, Xiaobian speculates that these teams will be promoted to the top eight: Uruguay, France, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, Colombia. Each of these eight teams has won or lost in the group knockout, but their strength is very stable. What do you think?