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Why can girls get so black from being black to being racial variation? do you know the highest level of tanning? Africans are getting darker in China? No! It's a gene mutation. Recently, a photo of a child suntanned on Weibo caught fire. It said that a white girl went to the seaside with her mother for a few days, and finally came back and became an African. What's the matter? Let's have a look!

Recently, netizen @ whose cat and fish contributed to Weibo blogger @ my parents are a wonderful flower, saying that their cousin's child went to the seaside for 4 or 5 days, and then came back 'gene mutation, race mutation'!

It turns out that the child is such a white and clean little princess. She went out for a tour and came back. My day! When she saw the photo, she didn't believe her eyes and her face was darker than Bao Zheng. Are you sure she fell into the dye vat?

However, in order to prevent people from disbelieving, netizens also released a short video of the third day on their personal microblog. The little girl was wearing a swimsuit and had a good time at the seaside. At this time, the little girl actually began to 'blacken'. Heicheng is in such a hurry. She can only ask for help from netizens. Is Baide back? Wait online, hurry!

However, comments from netizens........ Little girl, I'm sorry, my sister really can't help it.

That's awesome! My little sister is black

Netizens all kinds of brain tonics, ghosts know what the children have experienced.

After going to the seaside, I have to learn to swim when I come back. This netizen's comments are really full of screen sense.

Have netizen 'intimate' ground to give advice, go to the hospital to have a look, do not delay treatment. Go straight to Africa and live for two months.

Can you count on it? Dessert?

Some netizens said that they could come back in winter.

Some netizens also say that high school can come back in vain, about in winter.

Some netizens also said that they would not come back.

However, some netizens pointed out that it may not have been so white in the past, or it may not be so black now, just look at your hands!

However, the black must be a lot of black. Look at the results of a day's sun exposure by netizen @ US $spring. The little girl has been sun exposure for four or five days & hellip; & hellip;

Xiaobian sincerely hopes that the little girl will come back as soon as possible.