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What are the recipes for three-year olds? What are the nutritional values

When the child is three years old, it's the time to learn skills and the age to walk independently. At this time, Baoma should pay attention to the nutrition supplement of the child, and also pay attention to the ability of easy digestion and absorption of the child. Here's a summary of some recipes for three-year olds. Let's take a look

in order to maintain the normal physiological function of the baby and meet the needs of growth and development, six kinds of indispensable nutrients must be provided to the baby every day. The six nutrients for 1-3 year olds are protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin and water.

1. Vegetarian breakfast sandwich ingredients: 4 pieces of toast, 2 pieces of lettuce, 2 pieces of cheese, 1 piece of pickled cucumber, 1 egg, tomato sauce, thousand island sauce, water. Method: wash the eggs and put them into the pot, pour in water, boil them in high heat, then cook them in medium heat for 8 minutes, take them out and cool them naturally. Slice the pickled cucumber, wash the lettuce and drain the water. Cut the boiled egg into thin slices. Put the toast into the toaster, press the switch, wait for the automatic pop-up to take out, cut off the four sides of the toast, and spread a layer of thousand island sauce. Then spread tomato sauce, lettuce, cheese and egg. Then put a layer of cucumber slices. Finally, spread a layer of toast. After fixing with toothpick, cut the sandwich diagonally.

2. Ingredients of Mini Fruit sandwich: 4 pieces of toast, 1 kiwi fruit, 1 tablespoon of strawberry jam and 1 tablespoon of jam. Cut the toast into four hard edges. Spread strawberry jam on 1 piece of toast and cover with toast. Put kiwi slices on the toast. Cover with 1 piece of toast, spread pineapple sauce on the toast, cover with the last piece of toast, and then cut into small triangles.

The above just introduces two Meiji foods. The nutrition matching of these two foods is very good, which can not only meet the children's nutritional needs, but also satisfy the children's appetite in taste. It is a very healthy and delicious food. It also avoids the gastrointestinal problems caused by feeding some big fish and meat to children. In addition, it is important to make children drink more water.