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Whether a man loves you depends on whether he will contact you in these three moments

When two people are in love, they believe in love and think that love can transcend everything. So how to judge whether the man around you loves you depends on whether he can contact you at these three times?

1. He will contact you when he is in pain

When a man is in the most pain, he will only talk to the person he thinks is closest to, so when a man contacts you in the pain, then prove that you are his true love, because for a man, only when he is in front of a woman he loves deeply, can he show his weak side

2. When I am moved, I think of you first

In a relationship, if a man actively contacts you when he is most moved, it means that he loves you deeply, because when he is most moved, the person he thinks of must be the one he loves most and the one he wants to see the most

3. Contact you when you see something you like

A man who contacts you when he sees something you like must love you to the bone, because in his heart, he has put all the things you like into his heart, and can see how much he attaches importance to you. Such men are usually very considerate men who know how to take care of women, and they will quickly share with you when they encounter good things