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How to eat barbecue in summer

Sihaiwang: barbecue is the best for many people, especially in summer. Eating barbecue kebab is a special thing to enjoy. However, we all know that eating barbecue will affect our health. What's the harm of eating barbecue?

The harm of barbecue

1. Barbecue is equivalent to the harm of smoking

As we all know, smoking is harmful to human health. Smoking for a long time will seriously affect the health of every tissue system of human body. But the latest research found that the harm of eating barbecue for a long time is the same as that of smoking, even higher than that of smoking. Eating a roasted chicken leg is as toxic as smoking 60 cigarettes, while women who like to eat barbecue regularly are twice as likely to have breast cancer as women who don't like barbecue, a US research center reported.

In fact, long ago, the World Health Organization equated the harm of eating barbecue with smoking, believing that the toxic harm of eating barbecue is no less than smoking. This is because when the food is baked, the smoke generated will remain on the food. Such smoke often has strong toxicity and will kill the body's beneficial cells unconsciously, endangering the body.

And if women eat barbecue food for a long time, they may also increase the risk of ovarian cancer. This shows how toxic barbecue food is, in order to human health should try to eat less.

2. Eating barbecue is easy to infect parasites

Personal taste is different. When eating, the taste of food is different. As for barbecue, some people like to eat well baked food, while others like to eat half cooked food.

The reason why barbecue food is so popular is that it has a lot to do with the delicious food inside and outside. But some of this kind of meat is not even fully cooked. If the raw meat that has not been roasted is not qualified, such as' rice pork ', when the barbecue food is still in the state of half cooked, it will often cause the parasites in it not completely killed, and will suffer from cerebral cysticercosis.

3. Barbecue causes sore mouth and tongue and acne on face

The seasoning of barbecue is more pungent and irritating, which is easy to make people burn, and also easy to damage the oral mucosa and gastrointestinal mucosa of human body. Eating barbecue has one of the most direct reactions, that is, sore mouth and face. From the perspective of nutrition, eating barbecue for a long time will lead to the lack of vitamin C, gum bleeding, vitamin B2 will also be lacking, resulting in angular stomatitis, cheilitis and glossitis, and even seborrheic dermatitis.

How to eat more healthy barbecue or grill barbecue, it is inevitable that the local overheating of meat. If you can control the temperature of the baking pan, keep it below 160 degrees, at least not more than 200 degrees, you can greatly reduce the production of carcinogens. This is what some Korean barbecue shops do. The smoke from the baking tray is extracted from the bottom, and the temperature is effectively controlled so that the meat will not be burnt.

4. Barbecue is easy to cause cancer

When it comes to the harm of eating barbecue, carcinogenesis is undoubtedly something that we need to pay attention to. Its carcinogenic ability is greater than smoking. When people smoke, even if a little impurity enters the respiratory tract, most of it will be vomited.

But barbecue doesn't, and the chemical reactions are often in the food, when people eat, into the body.

When meat is roasted, the nucleic acid will react with Maillard, and the amino acid will decompose into some carcinogens when heated. These carcinogens will enter the body through the skin, respiratory tract and digestive tract, and then cause cancer.

It can be said that the risk of cancer caused by eating barbecue is far beyond people's imagination. I hope that everyone should treat eating barbecue rationally in summer to avoid adverse situation.

A large number of research reports show that some people who often eat barbecue food are more likely to suffer from gastric cancer and colorectal cancer. This is due to the production of benzopyrene in burnt food and fried food, which is the main cause of gastric cancer. If we often eat barbecue food polluted by benzopyrene in our daily life, these carcinogens will accumulate in our bodies, which is bound to cause the risk of gastric cancer and colon cancer in the long run. In the process of barbecue, another carcinogen - nitrosamines will be produced, and nitrosamines are easy to be produced in the curing process before barbecue.

5. Barbecue is easy to cause fire

Summer is a season that is easy to catch fire. If you eat some barbecue at this time, it will be easier to catch fire. This is because the nature of food will change after baking.

Needless to say, some people's taste is heavier. Pepper and cumin are common condiments. Eating this kind of food for a long time will constantly stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, which will affect the secretion of digestive fluid, and then affect the physical fitness, causing the burning is also a common situation.

How to eat barbecue to be healthy

It was found that garlic juice, cinnamon powder, rosemary and other marinated meat slices can reduce the amount of carcinogens produced during baking, and tomato sauce and lemon juice can reduce the harm of carcinogens. These two methods are the common methods of western style barbecue.

It can also reduce the toxicity of carcinogens. It was found that the higher the content of chlorophyll, the better the effect of eliminating carcinogenic mutagenesis. So, those green lettuce leaves are not just decorations for dishes, they are actually an important part of healthy eating barbecue. Korean people pay great attention to this. They always eat a lot of raw vegetables with barbecue, and then add some soy sauce soup rich in antioxidant ingredients.

And nutrition. Barbecue does not contain carbohydrates, so it can never replace the staple food. However, you can bake some sweet potato chips, potato chips and lotus root chips together when you bake the meat. They are very good staple food and also have the function of vegetables. Half baked potato chips and so on contain quite a lot of 'resistant starch', which is helpful for people who eat too much meat to clean their intestines. If these starch containing materials are added to the barbecue, it can not only nourish the stomach, but also increase the dietary fiber and benefit the balance of various minerals. Roast some onions, green peppers, eggplant, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables with meat. They not only complement each other's taste, but also improve the nutritional balance, providing a lot of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and antioxidant ingredients.

If you eat barbecue, at least one portion of potatoes, one portion of vegetables, plus one portion of meat, the nutritional balance can be greatly improved, and the trouble of rising blood lipid and blood pressure can be largely avoided. Most happily, it can greatly reduce the risk of inducing colorectal cancer.