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Why does eating litchi get angry? How can eating litchi get angry in summer

Lichee is a hot fruit in summer. It has the functions of benefiting liver, spleen and blood, and has very high nutritional value. Be careful. If you eat too much litchi, it will catch fire. How can you eat litchi in summer without catching fire? Let's have a look.

The reason of eating litchi and getting on fire

Not long after summer, the red and sweet litchi is on the market. When you enjoy the delicious food, you can't help worrying about the burning symptoms such as weakness of limbs and sore throat after eating litchi. However, why is eating lychees on fire?

The biggest characteristic of litchi is sweetness. Generally speaking, the sweetness of fruit is determined by sucrose (hydrolyzable to glucose and fructose) and fructose. Our body prefers glucose, which provides energy for all cell activities. And fructose needs the liver to go through some twists and turns some of them into glucose before it can be used by the human body. The sweetness of litchi mainly comes from fructose. Due to the lack of glucose, the parts including brain can not work normally. In addition, in summer, people's food intake becomes smaller, which further aggravates the lack of glucose supply, resulting in dizziness, pale complexion, fatigue and other hypoglycemia symptoms, which is often referred to as "burning".

In addition, a few people will suffer from anorexia, diarrhea and edema after eating litchi, because they lack the enzymes needed to metabolize fructose.

As for the symptoms such as sore throat, fever and sores, it has nothing to do with eating litchi, and nothing to do with the quantity of eating. It's because litchi ripens in the summer, and it's also a period of frequent physical discomfort, so there's an unnecessary connection between the two. For example, Zhang San ate two catties of litchi, which happened to be exposed to the sun all afternoon, causing heatstroke, dizziness and other symptoms; or Li Si ate five catties of litchi, which happened to catch a cold.

How to eat litchi in summer

To eat litchi without fire, the key is to ensure the blood glucose concentration in the body.

It's said that it's not easy to drink boiled water from Litchi shells. In fact, this method is not advisable, because there is no magic substance in Litchi shells that can improve the concentration of blood sugar. Moreover, drinking litchi shell water may cause new troubles to the accumulated dust and the preservatives used in transportation. It is also said that eating litchi soaked in light salt water is not easy to catch fire, but in fact, it is difficult for light salt water to penetrate into the shell of litchi. Even if the salt is soaked in, it will not affect the composition of litchi, nor increase the blood sugar concentration in the body.

The right way is to limit the amount of litchi eaten each time, so as not to affect the normal diet as well as reduce the burden of liver fructose transformation. At the same time of eating litchi, we should eat some bread, biscuits and other starch food, which can ensure the blood glucose concentration and avoid burning.