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Why do people have to work hard to live in the world?

read an article, the content is as follows:

A man went shopping with his girlfriend. When he saw the man selling cheongsam, his girlfriend tried it. He didn't expect her to look very good in it.

The price is 475.

There are two problems with the dress for them. 1. It's too expensive. 2. She doesn't have much chance to wear it. Two things are good. 1. It's very beautiful. 2. They all like it. Hesitated again and again, they left.

They went to other stores in the hope of finding a suitable one. At last, they found a cheongsam shop and tried again. They didn't expect it to look better. She was so amazing. He didn't know she could be so beautiful.

List price 1500.

He had money, and in that moment he decided to buy it for her. But she didn't want to, because it was too expensive, but he insisted on buying it. Although he only had one month's salary for the card, he still had to pay the rent and eat. His girlfriend knew that she couldn't beat him, so she said, "this dress is not as good as the last one. I want that one. It's not beautiful. I don't like it.". He knew she was comforting him. He took her hand and turned around to buy the 475. She has been complaining about how to do with the expensive clothes.

On their way back, he kept thinking, why am I poor? Why can't I even give her something that can make her better?

Why do people work hard?

Because there's no reason in the world