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Remember! Don't turn on the air conditioner three times in summer

Sihaiwang: in the hot days, it's very comfortable for drivers to drive with the air conditioner on. However, the wrong use of vehicle air conditioning, not only hurt the car, but also hurt people. Come and have a look.

1、 Do not close the window to open the air conditioner

In order to reduce the indoor temperature quickly, we will immediately close the windows to make the car sealed, but this kind of behavior is actually a kind of chronic suicide behavior.

Because when the car starts, if the gasoline in the cylinder burns incompletely, it will produce high concentration of carbon monoxide. In the environment with the windows closed, the more carbon monoxide is accumulated, it is easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning, and even death.

2、 Air conditioning on low gear = fuel saving?

As we all know, a lot of car owners naturally think that low gear on the air conditioner will save fuel.

The air conditioner will absorb a lot of dust and form a lot of dirt in the process of use. After a long time, the water vapor in the air conditioner will be mildewed and spread to the car through the air conditioner mouth. The correct way is to often turn the air conditioner to the maximum stop so that the wind can blow away the dust in the air duct.

3、 Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after starting

Turning on the air conditioner is the first thing that we start the car after opening the door in summer, because it's really too stuffy, but actually it's very damaging, because the engine hasn't reached a good state when the car is just started, if we turn on the air conditioner at this time, it will increase the load of the engine, and the engine will fail prematurely for a long time.

The right way is to open the window after the car is started, and let out the hot air in the car, and then close the window and open the air conditioner when the temperature in the car drops.