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Is cheap sunscreen useful? The difference between cheap and expensive sunscreen

Sihaiwang: in the face of hot summer, the importance of sunscreen is self-evident. Sunscreen can effectively prevent the production of melanin, prevent sunburn, sunburn. Someone will ask, is cheap sunscreen useful? Let's have a look.

Sunscreen refers to the cosmetics added with sunscreen which can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent the skin from being suntanned and sunburned. According to the principle of sunscreen, sunscreen can be divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.

The difference between cheap and expensive sunscreen

Cheap and expensive sunscreens have different SPF and PA values.

The SPF and PA value of cheap sunscreen is low, and the SPF and PA value of expensive sunscreen is very high, and the larger the SPF and PA value of sunscreen is, the better the sunscreen effect is, so the sunscreen effect of expensive sunscreen is better than that of cheap sunscreen.

Of course, the prices of different brands are slightly different, which can be selected according to their own economic capacity.

Is cheap sunscreen useful

From the point of view of skin comfort, the middle and low-end sunscreen has a very heavy film feeling on your face and hands. What's more remarkable is that your face will soon be covered with oil, while some people who don't have oil will easily appear tight or go out like wearing a mask. In contrast, the high-end sunscreen is obviously a lot more comfortable after it is applied, after all, every cent of the goods.

Do you want sunscreen for acne on your face

If you have severe acne, it is not recommended to use sunscreen. No matter physical sunscreen or chemical sunscreen, or physical-chemical sunscreen, do not use sunscreen. You'd better use hard sunscreen, which is absolutely safe, more conducive to your acne recovery, and does not need to remove makeup and cleanser to reduce irritation!

If you have pimples occasionally, it is recommended that you buy the invisible pimples patch and apply sunscreen after pasting it. On the one hand, it can isolate sunscreen and pimples to avoid infection stimulation. On the other hand, pimples patch also has sunscreen effect, which will reduce the probability of leaving pimples!

If you are pimples, pimples and have several on your face, it is impossible to apply pimples all over your face. It is suggested that you can use sufina blue lace, a sunscreen specially designed for pimples and pimples, which is more conducive to the recovery of pimples and pimples, as well as to avoid new pimples and new pimples!