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How to choose the material of children's wardrobe cleaning and maintenance of children's wardrobe

Sihaiwang: Although the baby is small, there are all kinds of tools. What's more, everything about children should be considered whether it's good for their health. Material selection is particularly important. Therefore, it is necessary to have a special children's wardrobe, and choosing children's wardrobe also needs technical choice. So how to choose children's wardrobe? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

How to choose children's wardrobe?

Pay attention to color

When it comes to children's wardrobes, many parents may think that bright colors will make the baby more like them. But what I didn't expect is that this is equivalent to letting children live in a chemical factory. Generally speaking, the brighter the color of furniture, the brighter the color, and the more harmful substances such as lead will increase. If our baby lives with such furniture for a long time, it will increase the risk of disease. I suggest parents and friends to choose some colors close to nature, such as green, blue, white, etc., which contain less chemicals.

Material selection

We know that there are many materials in the wardrobe. When choosing for children, what materials should we choose? I suggest you choose solid wood here. It's very common to use cabinets made of density board and Particleboard in the market. But these products appear in children's rooms. Are we at ease? These material closets will release some harmful substances such as formaldehyde, so children's closets should reject these materials. Solid wood materials are processed with solid wood, which is more conducive to children's growth in a healthy environment.

Simplicity of design

What kind of design should children's wardrobe choose? This may be a headache for parents. It is suggested that when choosing, we should try to choose some simple and clear design closets. Children's world is relatively simple, and they may not be able to accept it quickly in a short time if it is too complex. Choose a simple wardrobe, can facilitate the children to tidy clothes in order, but also can cultivate a good habit of baby finishing.


When choosing a wardrobe, is safety important? For children's use of the wardrobe, safety is also one of the factors to be considered when purchasing. A good children's wardrobe is really designed from the perspective of children. In design, I think the first thing to ensure is safety. When designing a good wardrobe, all corners and edges will be ground flat to avoid scratching children. The handle of the cabinet door should have anti slip function to prevent children from accidentally touching the handle and slipping when playing. In a word, when we choose children's wardrobe, we should ensure the safety. We should stand on the children's position to see if the design of the wardrobe can provide a layer of protection for the children's safety.

Cleaning and maintenance of children's wardrobe

1. Regularly check the three in one connection between the back plate and the laminate of children's wardrobe, especially when it is seriously impacted by external force, if it is found to be loose, it shall be fastened in time, and a small amount of lubricating oil shall be injected to prevent it from being corroded by rust. In case of any failure during the secondary disassembly and assembly, the exclusive shop or manufacturer shall be informed in time to assist in handling. Prevent the impact of external force or heavy objects, collision between the sliding rail of the overall wardrobe and the door panel, and the gentle push and pull action, and do not push and impact with sharp profits;

2. For the maintenance and cleaning of the surface of children's wardrobe, try to avoid damaging and scratching the surface of the wardrobe. If there are slight scratches and bruises on the surface carelessly, use cotton cloth to dip in some mixture of soot and lemon juice or frying oil to rub. After drying, wax the surface for maintenance. If the scratches are deep or the bruises are serious, you need to mix the same color paint to make up the color, or Wardrobe store to buy complementary color agent back to repair;

3. For the maintenance of children's closet door, keep the closet door clean and clean frequently. There should be no sundries and dust in the track, so as to prevent heavy objects and sharp tools from hitting the track. When cleaning, use semi wet cloth to wipe the door and body of the clothes cabinet. Do not use corrosive detergent;

4. Children's wardrobe should be placed in a balanced position during the use of children's wardrobe to avoid high, violent vibration, humidity or direct sunlight. The room should be kept ventilated to avoid touching the corrosive liquid on the whole children's wardrobe surface, such as alcohol, banana water, gasoline, nail polish, strong acid, strong alkali and other liquids.