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Share some good habits that make people beautiful

1. Sugar control. Sugar is the main culprit for acne, wrinkles and blackening. In order to keep the frozen age, many stars abstain from rice, because rice is a high GI food. Of course, ordinary people don't need to be so ruthless. It's OK to control sugar intake reasonably without affecting the daily needs of the body. It's also not OK to eat sugar at all~

2. A while ago, the skinny face massage of Taiwan girl in the fire was really effective. Her chin will become sharp, but it's not that sharp, but her skin will be tighter and not droop. If you want to watch the video, you can go to Weibo to search for keywords like Taiwan girl's skinny face. It's very simple. You can press it every day when you wash your face. 20 times in each step, all Set it up in one minute

3. It's said that it can dredge lymphocytes by scraping eyes more often. I tried it myself for a period of time. I really have the feeling that my eyes are completely open. I can enlarge my eyes

4. Soymilk can inhibit the secretion of androgen, which is very friendly to acne muscles. One of the main reasons for excessive oil is that the androgen is too high

5. Good posture is very important. Before touching the beautiful ballet, I forced myself to hold up my chest, tuck in my belly and hang my shoulders naturally. As a result, I was often praised for my posture. The most important thing is that even if I was a little fat, my stomach was very flat

6. Insist on combing my hair. I put a comb at home and in the office. When I'm free, I comb it. First, I massage my scalp, dredge my pores and reduce hair loss. Second, I keep my hair fresh at any time

7. I want to soak my feet in summer. It's not ambiguous that my feet can reduce the amount of oil coming out of my scalp. It's also because I often wear high-heeled shoes. Every day, my feet can relieve fatigue better than when I don't wear high-heeled shoes

8. Stick to sunscreen, stick to sunscreen

9. Use less oil absorption paper as much as possible, and use face tissue paper or make-up cotton instead of oil absorption paper for facial oil. Because oil absorption is strong, long-term use of oil absorption paper will absorb away the oil needed by normal skin conditions to relieve water evaporation, and the body will secrete more oil for lack of oil. In serious cases, it's better to wait for absorption. Don't use too much or use for a long time

10. It's really important to get up early and have a glass of water on an empty stomach, especially for people with constipation. You can see the effect after a few days

11. Insist on thrushing, don't follow the trend, what Korean one word thrush, half permanent, according to your own face shape to suit your own beauty

12. If you have skin problems, you must go to the hospital for treatment. Don't buy online red products along the way. In most cases, the skin condition is getting worse and worse, and you have put in a lot of money

13. Giving yourself a small bunch of flowers every day can improve your happiness. A bunch of flowers for a dozen yuan can also be sold online

14. When I sit watching TV or chatting, I knock on my courage, not only lose my legs, but also move my arms. You can use your hand or with the help of external force, a 10 yuan gall hammer

15. Never go inside and outside, especially in high-heeled shoes. It's really ugly

16. Adhere to eating porridge or rice with miscellaneous grains, and gradually adapt to it twice a week from once a week, and then add it, and so on. Miscellaneous grains are much better than rice, especially for the skin

17. It's also important to have a glass of water before and after bath. You should find that you feel thirsty after every bath. That's because long-time hot water shower or bath will make pores open continuously, accelerate the secretion of sweat and lead to dehydration

18. If you often wear high-heeled shoes, the calluses on the heels and near the toes (I don't know what it's called haha) should be very thick. This is a place that many people tend to ignore. After soaking your feet, gently rub them with exfoliated stones and then apply foot cream to make your feet smooth. Our fairy is exquisite to every corner~

19. It's a good habit to read before going to bed, but there's a rule. It's better to read in front of the desk, make notes, or concentrate

20. Sensitive skin friends, summer wear sandals if affected by dust feet itch blisters, you can use such as fuyanjie feet, beneficial bacteria, and very mild. Method: the amount of water should be no more than the instep, pour over a cover of fuyanjie, soak for 10 minutes, and then remember to wash your feet