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What is the effect of Yinchen drinking water? What are the side effects of Yinchen

World Wide Web: many people may be unfamiliar with Artemisia, a common Chinese medicine, which is the dried seedling of Artemisia annua, a perennial plant of Compositae. So what's the effect of drinking wormwood?

What's the effect of drinking wormwood

Artemisia Scopariae can inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis completely and some dermatophytes to a certain extent. It has significant functions of eliminating heat and dampness, clearing liver and gall, reducing blood pressure, etc., and has effects on damp heat jaundice, icteric hepatitis, chest and flank pain, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, hypertension, upset, insomnia, dizziness and dizziness.

As we all know, wormwood tea has a significant role in protecting the liver. It has a significant effect on hepatitis A and B, icteric hepatitis. At the same time, wormwood can promote the secretion of bile and increase the excretion of bile bile acid and bilirubin. However, acute icteric viral hepatitis belongs to the category of "Yang Huang" in traditional Chinese medicine. Due to the combination of internal and external evils, dampness and heat accumulate in the spleen and stomach, block in the liver and gall, lead to dampness and heat stasis, the liver and gall are larger than catharsis, dampness and heat are stagnant, and gall overflows over the skin and becomes jaundice.

It is suitable for clearing away dampness and heat, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Rubia cordifolia has bitter and cold nature. It can cool blood and activate blood circulation. It is a kind of hemostatic agent for clearing stagnation of liver meridian, improving blood circulation of liver, promoting the recovery of liver cells, and accelerating the regression of yellow. Wormwood can clear away dampness and heat, and is a special medicine for treating yellow.

It can nourish yin and kidney, clear away heat and relieve jaundice. Indications: jaundice, dysuria, wet sores and pruritus. It has the functions of cholagogue, liver protection, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, etc. Yinchen Paoshui has certain curative effect on liver disease.

The side effects of Artemisia scoparia belong to plants. Because of its medicinal value, many people will use it as a kind of medicinal material for drinking and conditioning the body. Because Artemisia, a plant of the order tubular flowers, Compositae and Origanum, does not die in winter, but grows in spring because of its old roots, it is named because of its old or Yinchen. The growth of wormwood is distributed all over the country, and also includes foreign countries, such as Japan, Korea, Inner Mongolia and other countries. However, the wormwood mainly grows in low altitude areas, about 500-3600 meters above sea level, mainly in roadside, hillside, forest and grassland, wet sand near the coast, roadside and low hillside areas.

So, what are the side effects of wormwood? Although wormwood has many helpful effects on the body, it can effectively reduce blood pressure, remove damp heat from the body, protect the liver and so on. However, it should be noted that wormwood is not suitable for blind drinking. Due to the properties of wormwood, if you drink a lot of wormwood, it is easy to cause physical damage, especially stomach. Overdose will inhibit the central nervous system, and the body will suffer from sleepiness and salivation. It will also cause dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, epigastric discomfort, acute hepatobiliary injury, and arrhythmia. Therefore, take Artemisia need to drink properly, remember to overdose.