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Is it important to apply for university or major?

let's start with the conclusion that schools for excellent people are preferred, and majors for ordinary people are preferred.

Two easy to understand examples.

First of all, the better the school is, the lower the limitation of majors on students. The most representative is that there is no causality between what major to learn and what work to do in the future. Most of the students in the north of Qing Dynasty will choose to go abroad or go to graduate school for further study. After four years of general education, when they graduate, they really decide to engage in it What industry time. With enough self-confidence and strong learning ability, they have enough ability to enter any industry they want to enter.

Next, the worse the major is, the more it can limit people to death. The most representative one here is the technical school. If you study excavator, you will not be able to be a cook; if you study car maintenance, you will not be able to be a guide.

Back to the main question, most of the schools are between the north of Qing Dynasty and the technical schools. Generally speaking, you think your learning ability is OK, you are a talent, and you can work hard in the future. Then the school is preferred, and a good platform can help you get twice the result with half the effort. If you feel that you want to pursue comfort, the biggest dream in the future is not to study and live, then choose a popular major and come out without worrying about work, just to meet your dream.

I've never said that major doesn't matter. What I emphasize is that excellent people are not bound by undergraduate majors, and a good platform is more conducive to excellent people's Congress. You think the major is very important. You think you should choose another major at the beginning, which can only show you the system