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What skills do girls learn in 2018? What skills do girls learn in 2018

What skills do girls learn in 2018? What skills do girls learn in 2018 most girls have low education. Girls go to learn professional skills, but many times there is a certain disadvantage, because there are few majors suitable for girls, so what is the most promising major for girls? What technology does the female student study obtain employment rate high? Let's have a look.

Professional skills suitable for girls

1. Western point is suitable for girls

There are many, such as accounting, finance, nursing, normal school, medicine, foreign language, etc., but with the expansion of college entrance examination in recent years, now the talents of accounting, finance, nursing, normal school, medicine, foreign language and other majors are already saturated, so the employment pattern of students who choose these majors is not optimistic, but what is the good thing for girls to learn? In fact, girls learn western point very well.

Western point originated in Europe and the United States, is the representative of Western food culture. It has exquisite materials, unique flavor, plastic arts, rich varieties, and plays an important role in Western food. There are many kinds of Western dim sum with beautiful shape and rich nutrition. It is a beautiful food scenery in afternoon tea and happy life. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of the catering market, the market demand of Western point is increasing. This also brings good development space to the profession of West Point teacher.

2. Clinical nursing for girls

Now there are more and more girls learning clinical nursing, and a large number of such talents are needed in the hospital. The salary is also very high. If your child likes such a job, you can consider to let her learn this skill, and then take an examination of a formal employee. I believe that she will get a good return in the future.

However, to be engaged in such a career, you must be patient and have a sense of service. The most important thing is that such a job is very tiring, as many people who are engaged in such a job will say.

3. Girls can learn translation

Nowadays, the country is more and more open. Many foreigners invest in China and many people come to work in China. At this time, translation is often the most profitable. Girls still have innate advantages in learning translation. If we have such talents, we can consider learning such skills.

Learning a language is very difficult. In the early stage, we need to go through a long time of learning, and there may be many difficulties in the middle. At this time, we need to make constant efforts to prepare, as long as we recognize the direction, we will be able to succeed.

What skills do girls learn now

Image design

Image design is a major with a very high student selection rate at present, especially suitable for young students who want to start a business in the future. After graduation, this major has a great advantage in employment. It realizes the employment of famous enterprises and half a year's paid internship. After graduation, it is a required major for high-end comprehensive talents in the future.

Makeup image design art

Makeup is the gold medal strength major of Liyan school. For three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016, it has not been the makeup modeling agency of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. It has strong teachers and cutting-edge and fashionable Modeling Curriculum Outline. The curriculum is guided by professional tutors and provides a lot of practical opportunities in learning. The study contents include: all kinds of occasions makeup, hair style, clothing matching, four seasons color, business etiquette, creative makeup, etc.

A hairdresser

Hairdressing is the reputation major of Liyan school. It has the ability to develop hairdressing teaching materials independently, with practice as the main and theory as the auxiliary. It ensures that each student is skilled in one-on-one guidance. The hairdressing learning content includes: shampoo and care, perm, hair dye, cutting, scalp physical therapy, seamless hair receiving, hair styling, men and women styling and commercial hairstyles.


Beauty is the core major of Liyan school. It has 15 years of beauty teaching experience and curriculum system. With the highest standard of building "Chinese air hostess beautician", it can immediately realize high salary work after graduation. The learning contents include: skin structure, facial care, traditional Chinese medicine beauty, facial scraping, sales speech, essential oil beauty, body care, acupoint massage, and Korea's cutting-edge beauty technology.

Entrepreneurial manicure

Manicure is the major with the highest entrepreneurship rate in Liyan school, and also the hot course with the shortest semester and quick start-up. After graduation, you can enjoy the entrepreneurship support policy of Liyan school to achieve a win-win situation between school and enterprise. The learning contents include: hand care, grafting eyelashes, various popular manicure, entrepreneurship management, sales etiquette, etc.