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How to prevent mosquito bites in summer

The summer brings not only hot temperature, but also annoying mosquitoes. Mosquito germs are believed to be untouchable. But adults are immune to most. But the babies are weak in resistance, so they are very upset in the face of mosquito harassment. So how to prevent babies from being bitten by mosquitoes in summer? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

How to prevent mosquito bites in summer?

Mosquito nets should be used as much as possible in summer.

Dew repellent:

In addition to the mosquito repellent effect, some flower dew water contains the "six gods" original liquid with Chinese herbal ingredients, which has the functions of cooling, eliminating heat and avoiding summer heat in midsummer, so it can be said that "one thing is multi-purpose". Especially suitable for children.

Flowers and plants repel mosquitoes:

Qilixiang, Cordyceps, zhufeimei, mosquito repellent grass, nocturnal, marigold jasmine, mint, etc. These flowers and plants not only have good mosquito repellent effect, but also are economical and easy to operate, without any harm to human body. It can also add aesthetic feeling to the room, purify the air, and put it beside the window, which is pleasant for the eyes, especially in hot summer.

Dry orange skin mosquito repellent method:

Ignite a few pieces of dried orange peel or orange peel indoors, and mosquitoes will flee in a hurry.

Vitamin mosquito repellent:

Dissolve vitamin B13 to 5 tablets in water and wipe exposed limbs to eliminate mosquito bites.

There are a lot of electric mosquito coils suitable for babies in the market. The ingredients in them have little effect on children. They can be ordered when sleeping. Generally, it can last for 6-8 hours.