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What should be paid attention to in summer tourism is closely related to you and me

Four seas net: summer weather is hot, many people will choose to go out to travel summer. What should I pay attention to when traveling in the peak season? Let's have a look.

Travel alone

Don't travel alone in summer. At least ask one of your trusted friends to travel together. In this way, one person will take care of each other on the way to travel. In spite of any accident, one person will think of a solution together. If you travel alone in summer, you will be cheated in the peak season I don't know, so Xiaobian suggests that you'd better not travel alone in summer.

Dress up

In summer, when traveling, we should try our best to be comfortable. It's better not to wear hard leather shoes, especially new ones, in order to prevent blood blisters from affecting the journey. Loose and casual clothes are preferred. When you go out, you'd better wear a sunshade or use a sunshade to take sunscreen measures. Because of the strong sunshine in summer, the long wave of ultraviolet rays will cause great damage to people's skin, and the direct sunlight for a long time will make people feel dizzy, the skin will be cracked, and the serious ones will cause various dermatitis.


Summer travel diet is mainly light. It's better to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. You can properly match with some lean meat and try to eat less fried and greasy food to prevent indigestion. Mountain climbers should bear in mind that they should never see the spring feel cool and thirsty, so no matter what, they should drink it painfully and happily. Some of the harmful minerals in the spring water exceed the standard, and some places are seriously polluted, which is harmful to their health after drinking.

Get accommodation

The hotel with ventilation and light transmission should be selected, and the hotel with stars should be selected if possible. Before going to bed, it's better to take a hot bath and bubble feet. If you walk too much, you should rub the foot center and massage the legs to strengthen blood circulation. When you sleep, you'd better not turn on the air conditioner all night to avoid getting cold, and you will be weak the next day.

Summer tourism is generally hot, so we must consider carefully when choosing accommodation. If we are going to travel with children, we must choose a ventilated and quiet hotel or inn. It's better to have garden type and complete entertainment facilities, so that children don't have to go alone just to rest. After all, children's spirit is better than adults' spirit Much better.

What should summer tourism pay attention to

1. Pay attention to the unimpeded communication tools, and pay attention to the complaints and reporting telephone of the local tourism department before going out, so as to solve the problems in time.

2. In summer, some places are prone to severe weather such as rainstorm, debris flow or typhoon, which will not only cause traffic delay, but also cause failure to travel as planned, and even cause serious loss of life and property. Before traveling, you must know the weather of the destination in the near future and take precautions.

3. To travel in mountainous areas or places with complex terrain, it is necessary to prevent slipping, falling and losing. Keep in mind the specified walking route of the scenic spot, follow the guide, and do not go to dangerous areas without protective facilities. It's better to visit in groups to avoid going astray

4. If you choose to travel by car, you'd better be familiar with the road conditions leading to the scenic spot in advance, check the safety equipment of the vehicle before departure, prepare the corresponding emergency plan, and have one or two experienced drivers at the same time.

5. Improve safety awareness to prevent property theft and personal injury. When sleeping, lock the doors and windows. When going out, keep valuables in the safe of the hotel or take them with you. Never leave valuables in the room.